Poetry & Songs:
For the tears of the dead
By: Arjan Wardekker

A grey sky covers the day.
Silent crowd stands by the bay.
Just the waves have things to say,

about the ship they carry.
Their words are far from merry.
Rhythmic silent thoughts they shout.
As if speaking for the crowd.

Strong winds push the ship so fast.
Crowd stares 'till gone is the mast.
What reminds us of the past,

is what leaves the flowing tide.
Left by her once by their side.
Hourglass that's void of sand.
Broken sword once in her hand.

Sun then sheds a ray of light.
But it's hidden from their sight.
Crowd has just it's tears to fight,

standing at the empty beach.
Just a thought that's left to bleach.
A memory that's shading.
It's vivid now, but fading.

Memories of those who sailed.
Ones we loved and who we hailed.
Thoughts always by the times flailed,

are what's left of better days.
In the end the void's what stays.
Nothing are we but this night.
Fading from our loved ones' sight.

written on: 29-07-2003

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