Poetry & Songs:
By: Arjan Wardekker

Why don't you open your eyes?
Can't you see your promise dies?
Please now stop ignoring me.
Bind me, set my chained heart free.

Step in now, please excist now.
And guide me, just can't see how.
God, can't take this anymore.
My heart blackened to the core.

You said you'd be there for me.
But instead you've destroyed me.
Is there any point to this?
Or have you given me death's kiss?

I'm like a walking fortress.
My heart's gone, I must confess.
Need you more than it might seem.
For now life's a foolish dream.

End it all now, clock strikes twelve.
Or I will end it myself.
Not a step further I can take.
When death follows in my wake.

written on: 29-07-2001 and 30-07-2001

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