Poetry & Songs:
By: Arjan Wardekker

Silence wanders ancient halls,
filled with but the dreamer's calls.
Through the stained glass windows shines
soft light with the dark entwines.

In these days my thoughts immerse,
stare out on the Universe.
I'm but a Dancer in this place,
and a new dance I now face.

In the air, the magic stings,
gathers in a pool that brings,
visions of the world outside,
all that pasts and futures hide.

As the world around me spins,
say your name. Your image thins.
With my hope, my vision fades,
drifts into the world of shades.

In dreams, seven times seven,
paths through hell, earth and heaven.
This road so unforgiving,
leads to the day of living.

Wished our dance would bring delight.
Wished your poem would be bright.
Though I feel the pain each day,
won't look back now in dismay.

For a while, the days were soft,
by an angel's shadow loved.
Dragons snapped the dreamer's spine.
Would he to the night consign?

written on: 07-04-2007 and 08-04-2007

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