Poetry & Songs:
Lord of the Seven Vales
By: Arjan Wardekker

An unborn star now rising,
still thinking life's enticing.
Silent death yet to become,
No name yet to be undone.

Banner's rising in the sky,
knight has heft his head up high.
Brave steed, charging down, it rears,
but still enters vale of fears.

Shadows lurking, coming soon,
to evaporate child's boon.
Dark shapes hover on the rim,
making hero's hope grow dim.

Gleaming steel, cold as the night,
cannot hold the hero's fright.
Striking from within it sears,
walking in a vale of tears.

This shadowwalk's a heartache,
still hoping for the daybreak.
A wasting disease it be,
nothing left but to break free.

Fighting wars that can't be won,
knight does see his quest undone.
So at last the painless nears,
riding through the vale of years.

As the light cleaves utter black,
bringing unborn star right back.
Journey's done and torment ends,
heart in peaceful silence mends.

written on: 09-04-2002, 10-04-2002, 11-04-2002, 12-04-2002 and 13-04-2002

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