Poetry & Songs:
By: Arjan Wardekker

A day grows old and weary,
upon the lonely fairy.
Night begins her life anew,
just to die when light breaks through.

Quiet sun to rise and fall,
when the night's sky brings her call.
Life's flames flow through day and night,
set ablaze they lose their fight.

Fairy's heart it cannot see,
last time life was meant to be.
Does not hear the harper's flow,
in the winds of nature's glow.

Harper's string sounds endless on,
unheard 'cause the change is gone.
Yet again the sun goes high,
like the last it's just to die.

When the new day brings the past,
time no longer flows so fast.
New light shall the little fey,
bring another weary day.

written on: 30-07-2002

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