Poetry & Songs:
The Weary Travellers
By: Keeley F. Hearn

The weary travellers, on they go.
Why they must, they'll never know.
Caught in a circle, in Her game.
Forced each day to live the same.

Tricked, by Her, into obedience.
Tortured by Her act of expedience.
The moonlight dances across the sea,
as they sail on through eternity.

Death and sorrow all around,
but to their ears there is no sound.
With just the slightest thought of change,
they would suffer from her rage.

Once, long ago they wanted freedom,
To escape Her dreadful kingdom.
To teach them She unleashed Her power,
all their hope crushed, within the hour.

But now their hearts feel no dread,
for in their minds they are already dead.

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