Poetry & Songs:
To touch the daylight in the morning sun
By: Arjan Wardekker

I can see the end is drawing near,
as the dark clouds gather in my head.
I can see my eyes are almost dead,
as there is no saving me, I fear.

I fear, I fear,

I fear that I shall not ever fly,
because in my heart there is no joy.
Being tossed around like I'm fate's toy,
I can't rise and shine, but only die.

Now the world is torn into pieces,
and all that remains is a picture.
Now all feelings have vanished, that's sure,
and searching what the pain, still eases.

I fear, I fear,
I fear that I'll not ever see you.
The night's so dark, I need, I long to
touch the daylight in the morning sun.

You fools, you fools that think to know me,
blind you are to what I truly am.
Blink again, so you will see, o damn,
you are nothing like me, you are free.

Your words mean so much to my heart love,
although still I do not hear a thing.
Your shining eyes should have been my wing,
although you're not here to be, my dove.


Why world are you too blind to see it,
to see what you mean what you're doing?
To see your dreams, yourselves your fooling,
why then you're happy to see, it fit?

I can see you, feel your intentions,
but now I wish to be blind again.
I know your foolishness' a bargain,
but not the pain life, never mentions.


I long to hold you, I fear, I fear,
o before life can be ever fun.
I'll need daylight in the morning sun,
o morning sun I wish you, were here.

written on: 17-05-2001 and 18-05-2001

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