Poetry & Songs:
Where the eagles cry
By: Arjan Wardekker

Shade of moonlight drifting in,
does not make the darkness thin.
Darkness on the walls of life,
when the hope decides to dive.

Memories of times that pass,
but a day that never was.
Thought of truth that's only lie,
makes the blind in freedom fly.

When a sword of flames is lit,
and the wind deems wings to fit.
Screaming from the castle's walls,
when the Truth brings murderous calls.

When before the gates it stands,
thoughts of darkness chilling bands.
Lonely spark in seas of death,
chilled and burned by dragons' breath.

When the arrows sing their song,
cries of millions that spell wrong.
Thoughts of home all that remains,
when there is none he just feigns.

Truths of life's what mortals seek,
but it proves to deep a creek.
Better live in lies that sooth,
than be murdered by the truth.

Homesick homeless' calls in need,
will they go from darkness freed?
True divine's for what he longs,
echoed cries form endless songs.

written on: 08-08-2002

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