Riddles & Jokes:
Collected Riddles
A collection of short riddles, for use in dungeons, traps, quests, etc.

submitted by: Arjan Wardekker

Riddle: I am the first you ever saw, what greets you every morning and what goes out in the end.

Answer: Light.

submitted by: Arjan Wardekker

Riddle: I can be stolen or given away and you will live, yet you cannot live without me.

Answer: Your heart.

submitted by: Arjan Wardekker

Riddle: A nightmare for some. For others, as a saviour I come. My hands, cold and bleak, it's the warm hearts they seek.

Answer: Death.

submitted by: Arjan Wardekker

Riddle: Useful tool for who in darkness dwell. Within you, corrupting like a deadly spell.

Answer: Poison.

submitted by: Arjan Wardekker

Riddle: I am what you'll become.

Answer: Dust.

submitted by: Arjan Wardekker

Riddle: You wear clothes of the brightest of colors and bells ring on your every step. You laugh at me, I laugh at you. Tell me, what are you?

Answer: A fool.

submitted by: Vash

I have Towns But No Houses.
Lakes, But No Water.
Forests But No Trees.
And Mountains But No Rocks.
What Am I?

Answer: A map.

submitted by: Russ

I am at the beginning of the end;
In the middle of the beginning;
And at the end of the middle.

Answer: The letter "e".

submitted by: Danu Mimitsu

The beginning of eternity,
the end of time and space,
the begining of every end,
and the end of every place.

Answer: The letter "e".

submitted by: Ricky Wilbur

What is greater than God, Worse than the Devil, Poor people have it, rich people want it, if you eat it you will die.

Answer: Nothing.

submitted by: Elyk Rekaht

more Beautiful than the face of your God
Wicked as the forked tongue of a daemon?
Dead men eat it all the time
Live men who eat it die slowly....

Answer: Nothing

Title: Tricky
submitted by: David Jordan

What can run but never walks,
Has a mouth but never talks,
Has a bed but never sleeps,
Has a head but never weeps.

Answer: A River

submitted by: He-who-never-sleeps

I'm where it's deep
I lie still, cannot leap
I can be a mess
cleaned with a right guess

Answer: River

submitted by: eX

When I am filled I show the way,
When I am empty nothing moves me.
I got two skins, one within one without.
What am I?

Answer: A glove

submitted by: Darulf

Riddle: I am nothingness, and the more you take from me, the bigger I get.

Answer: A hole.

submitted by: Elyk Rekaht

What force and strength cannot get through,
I with a gentle touch can do.
and many in these twisted halls would stand
were I not, as a friend, at hand...

Answer: Key

submitted by: Elyk Rekaht

There is a thing which nothing is,
Yet it has a name,
It's sometimes tall'
and sometimes short,
It tumbles when we fall.
It plays our games

Answer: Shadow

submitted by: He-who-never-sleeps

I'm your follower in the light,
Yet I'm invisible in the night
At various sizes I appear
I won't harm you, have no fear
What am I?

Answer: Shadow

submitted by: Elyk Rekaht

Two bodies have I
Though both joined in one.
The more still I stand,
The quicker I run...

Answer: Hourglass

submitted by: Elyk Rekaht

In a marble hall white as milk
Lined with skink soft as silk
Within a fountain crystal clear
A golden apple doth appear
No doors there are to this stronghold,
Yet thieves break in to steal its gold.

Answer: Egg

submitted by: He-who-never-sleeps

In the sky it roams
as a dark cloud in the sky
yet much faster
and not when nearby

Answer: Swarm of birds

submitted by: He-who-never-sleeps

Keep me with you to survive
In the fields of death few keep alive
I am like a taller knive
deadly enough to end a live
What am I?

Answer: Sword

submitted by: Mike

Riddle: What consumes rocks, levels mountains, destroys wood, and pushes the clouds across the sky?

Answer: Time. (a plausible alternative answer could be: wind).

submitted by: Mike

Riddle: Alive without breath,
As cold as death,
Never thirsty, ever drinking,
All in mail, never clinking,
Ever travelling, never walking,
Mouth ever moving, never talking.
What am I?

Answer: A fish.

submitted by: Mike

Riddle: I go through an apple,
Or point out your way.
I fit in a bow,
Then a target, to stay.
What am I?

Answer: An arrow.

submitted by: Mike

Riddle: You cannot see me, hear me, or touch me. I lie behind the stars and alter what is real, I am what you really fear. Close your eyes and I come near. What am I?

Answer: The Dark.

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