Riddles & Jokes:
Werewolf Humor

By: Nick Pollotta

#10 - Shaving nineteen times a day seems perfectly normal.

#9 - You wish people would stop using those damn annoying dog whistles!

#8 - Prefer MilkBones over Famous Amos cookies.

#7 - Like to have sex face-to-face when you're feeling kinky.

#6 - Are always a little disappointed when your blood-rare steak doesn't make any noise during dinner.

#5 - Chase the bus even when you're not late for work.

#4 - Pretend to have a bladder problem so that you can mark your territory.

#3 - Understand what the coyotes are saying in old Westerns.

#2 - On your deerhunting license, the preferred weapon choice is 'my teeth and claws'.

And the top reason why you might be a werewolf is....

#1 - You are scared to death of the Lone Ranger!


"Without humor, there is no civilization"

Nick Pollotta, BUREAU 13

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