The Legend of Orodin
By: Arjan Wardekker
Genre: Fantasy
Wordcount: 6297

A long time ago in the far away woods of Elenor, an Elven boy was born. The boy had fair hair and clever eyes and his parents named him Orodin.
He had a happy childhood, as the Dark Years were still far away. Orodin helped his father Thi'il on his farm and he learned quickly. Thi'il told Orodin many things about the history of the Elves of Elenor and all of their ways, until Orodin knew everything that his father could tell him. At that point, Thi'il hired a local sage to teach his son. The sage was Orodin's teacher and tutor for many years. He was surprised because of the boy's intelligence and wisdom, which was far above the level of most Elves in those days.
At the age of 75, Orodin started to receive strange dreams and visions. The sage noticed the strange powers that were within the boy. He went to the residence of the king of the nation of Elenor, King Firnel, and and talked with the Grand Wizard. Firnel said that it would be in the boy's best interest to come under his teaching. Thi'il agreed to this, knowing the King's wisdom, and so moved Orodin into the High Halls of Firnel.

Orodin received much training in the art of magic and he learned to control the powers that were within him. His visions grew stronger and came more often. The Grand Wizard chose to let him specialize in divination magic.
After a few years of training, an unknown being appeared to Orodin in a dream and it showed him the woods of Elenor in the far away future. It is said that he woke up screaming and that the servants couldn't calm him until after several hours. Orodin told Firnel what he had dreamed and Firnel called for the High Court. The visibly shocked King, with Orodin, just as shocked, by his side addressed the High Court and the people who had gathered to see what was going on. In front of the High Halls it was, where Orodin told them his dream in a speech that would later be known as Orodin's First Prophecy.
Orodin forecasted the years to come and he named them the Dark Years. These years would come in only 1500 years and they would cause great pain and difficulty to the Elves of Elenor. The people shivered upon hearing these words and they felt the truth in it. Many wondered how to stop them from coming, but the answer was not found. Fearsome the Elves moved on in the direction of those days, knowing what would happen, but not knowing the reasons.

Orodin outlived most of the people whom he grew up with. Both is parents and his tutors, the village sage and King Firnel migrated to the unknown regions, which the Elves know to be the Undying Lands. This happened about a 1000 years after his First Prophecy. A new king rose and ruled the Elves. It was during his ruling that the shadows were cast upon the woods of Elenor.
Some distant cousins of the people of Elenor emerged from their underground hiding places. Those cousins, Dark Elves, known as the Morquendi, knew of the ancient link between them and the Elves of Elenor and they hated us for it. At first, only small fights took place, as the Dark Elves ashed several villages. Very little could be done about this, as the Morquendi came with only a few troops, attacked and vanished in an instant. They were already gone when the soldiers of Elenor arrived.
This was only half a century from the moment of Orodin's prophecy. Orodin quickly became known as Orodin the Seer, as his prophecy came true. The raids became more intense and frequent during the following years, but no real battle had yet been fought. A decade from then, and a scouting party returned to the High Halls with an urgent message. He had encountered some Morquendi bases in the southern parts of the woods. The King finally saw a chance to hit back and make the Dark Elves pay for their deeds and he set out with a large army. The Elves of Elenor struck unexpectedly, during the daylight and they wreaked havoc among these creatures of the night. Several of their bases were destroyed in an instant and the Morquendi didn't know what hit them. Victoriously the King returned to the High Halls, leaving the Dark Elves behind in fury. This was the first actual battle of the war and it was an important turning point in these years of trouble, known as the Dark Years.

The First Battle was the starting point of a full scale war between the nation of Elenor and the Morquendi. Many years of cold-blooded combat and fierce battles followed. Hundreds of Elves fell on both sides, but the Elves of Elenor took the most casualties. It was their nation that was attacked and many towns were destroyed. The Dark Elves knew no mercy and slew every citizen who was found in a conquered town or village. The Elves of Elenor were furious because of this and wanted to retaliate. Many search parties left to search for the hidden, underground homeland of the Dark Elves, but none of these parties returned with it's location.
Several parties are said to have come very close or have even discovered the Morquendi's homeland, but none of these groups ever returned to tell the tale. Out there, in the realms of shadows, known as the Underdark, the Dark Elves had the greatest advantage.

After many years of bloodshed it was, when Orodin the Seer had a second vision. Again the being appeared to him in a dream and it showed him the future. Orodin was showed the outcome of this horrible war, and it was as horrible as the Dark Years themselves. Elenor would fall and many would perish in the process.
He called for the High Council and they gathered as he sat there silently and frightened. Unease started to spread among the King's advisors as they felt that the Seer had little good news to tell them. Finally, Orodin spoke and the told them his dream about the Fall of Elenor. The Elves panicked upon hearing this dreadful tale, as they realized that this Second Prophecy would surely come true, as the first one had done to. Many bloody years of war still followed and many Elves died.

It was the year of Orodin's 2032th. birthday when the Morquendi assembled one of the largest forces ever seen and marched towards the High Halls of Elenor. Many a village or farm that they encountered on their way was reduced to ashes and many an Elf was slain. No remorse or mercy was in the hearts of these followers of evil. The Seer was as fortunate to know the date, for the being had told him this in a dream, and the Elves of Elenor were prepared. In the morning, when the Dark Elves' forces were first discovered, the King gathered his troops and he rode to battle. Orodin watched them vanish into the woods and he knew that they would never return.
Smoke rose in the distance and battle cries could be heard when the King and his host attacked the Dark Elves suddenly. The Elves' ambush was a great surprise to the Morquendi and evil was swiped back in an instant. Many of these foul creatures were killed, but the numbers of the living were still great. The King's warriors defended bravely against the ever oncoming enemies, but as the smoke of battle vanished, the Dark Elves found their strength in their overwhelming numbers. Not a single soldier they left to flee and the host of Elenor perished that day.

As the Dark Elves moved on, they reached their final destination: the High Halls of Elenor. A handful of archers was all that was left behind in he Halls and they defended them bravely. No footman could match the valor and skill of the Elven archers. The Morquendi besieged the High Halls and the city around it for many years on end, seemingly endlessly maintaining their numbers. Eventually, even the archers couldn't stop the Dark Elves, as their numbers decreased rapidly. The King's son was crowned in a hurry, to maintain morale among the citizens. The new leader, only a young boy, asked Orodin to evacuate the city and so it happened. As the Morquendi set the High Halls on fire, the 117 remaining Elves of Elenor fled south, joined by all the Elves that still lived in the woods of Elenor. Their number reached 400, the only survivors of the Dark Years.
The Elves of Elenor lived on, fleeing constantly for the Morquendi who were still pursuing them. The fame of the Seer had reached them to. Orodin would make a great prize and a valuable source of information, but Orodin didn't fancy captivity, which would eventually mean a painful death as a sacrifice to the Dark Elves' evil goddess. So they ran for years on end, forever living in the fear of the Dark Elves overtaking them.

It was 500 years from then, when a boy was born in the Royal Family. This young Crown Prince of Elenor was to be the subject of yet another of Orodin's strange dreams. The strange being visited him again and it showed him a tower, standing strong and proud, in a valley of great beauty. On top of the tower stood the young Prince, looking over the a city below him. The being took Orodin flying over the city and the valley and Orodin realized that this would be a safe haven for the Elves. Orodin awoke and went straight to the Royal Tent and there he told the King and the Queen about his dream, speaking his Third Prophecy.
In this Prophecy, the first one to bring positive news to the Elves, in stead of it giving them nightmares, like the First and Second Prophecy had done, he foretold that the young Prince was to be the one to lead the Elves of Elenor to safety and build a great tower to protect them. Therefore, the boy was named Mindolan, meaning the Tower Builder.

Mindolan grew up to be a strong and charismatic leader. Soon after his 144th. birthday, he was crowned to be King of Elenor, as his parents died that day. The Elven caravans were ambushed by a Dark Elven tribe, that had heard of their passage. Mindolan led his Elven knights into battle and he overran the surprised creatures within an hour. A hundred Dark Elves were all slain at the cost of only two of Mindolan's troops. When he returned from the battlefield, he found his parents dead. Several Dark Elf assassins lay dead at their feet. The guards had not been able to stop them before they had killed the King and his Queen.
For many weeks, the Elves mourned and Mindolan swore that he would finally lead the nation of Elenor to safe lands. Upon hearing this, Orodin just smiled and he crowned the Prince, before the eyes of the entire nation. The glory of old would soon be renewed!

The new King led the Elves to the mountains which they encountered west of them. Slowly the caravans moved through the terrain which was getting ever steeper. When they reached the foot of the mountains, Mindolan decided to go straight through this area, as he thought the valley of Orodin's dream to be among the many valleys of these snow-topped mountains. Many weeks of climbing followed. The Elves moved from mountain range to mountain rage, from valley to valley. Although they moved slowly, they managed to move an entire nation though mile after mile of mountainous county.
One sweet day, early in the morning, they reached a pass. An uneasy feeling befell Orodin and they moved on cautiously, with their swords unsheathed and the arrows knocked and drawn. It wasn't long before Orodin's uneasy feeling shifted to an even worse state, as soon as he discovered many caves along the pass. Time stood still when a figure appeared in the opening of one of the caves. It moved towards the Elves and it got larger and larger. Huge was the creature, and fear spread among the Elves, as several people identified it as a Troll, a dreadful murderous inhabitant of mountainous regions.

The Troll roared as he saw the huge numbers of Elves that were at his front door and armies of Trolls came pouring out of the caves along the pass. A rain of arrows descended on the Trolls, who were closing in on the Elven caravans. Dozens of the large creatures tumbled to the ground, unable to withstand the art of Elven archery. But the Trolls were many and they were coming from all directions. Mindolan soon found his army and his entire nation enclosed by the Trolls. This situation frightened the Elves of Elenor, as it was very similar to the situation in the High Halls, during the Fall of Elenor. It was many years ago, but still fresh in the minds of the Elves, as it is still today.
Many an Elf was hurdled into the air or hewn down at the spot when the sea of Trolls flowed over the first line of defenders. History seemed to repeat itself this day, as the Elves of Elenor seemed to fall again. It was when the fine mists that hung over the high pass lifted, when a small figure could be seen among the Elves, bravely striding forward. The figure seemed to glow of red light and fire sprung from his hands. The fire curled itself around the Elves, like a dragon of flames. The surprised Trolls cried as they saw their doom approaching. Many of the evil creatures were set to fire and crumbled into ashes as the inferno blazed among them. The figure gave a cry and the mountains reflected it, making it the loudest voice that was ever heard. "For Elenor, my friends! I am Orodin! Fear no more, for the power of the being shall guard our ways!"
The cry was followed by the sound of many arrows being drawn and the sound of the wind accompanied the whispering of the bowstrings. The sun lit the arrowheads as they moved towards their targets and it seemed that a sea of stars flowed from the Elven ranks. The flames vanished and Mindolan's knights rode forward, only to discover that the enemy was no more.

The Elves buried their dead along the way and they moved on, afraid of what may lay ahead. It was not long before they reached a steep track that lead down into a valley of great beauty. Tired as they were, because of the events of this day, they put up camp and rested. At night, Orodin and Mindolan watched over the valley. A bright star rose over the highest mountain in the area.
Orodin smiled and said: "This is the time to celebrate." Mindolan sadly asked him how they could possibly celebrate, with the horrible things that had happened that day. So many friends had died. Orodin explained that this was the valley which he had seen in his dreams. This was the promised land, the Valley of Stars. Tears filled Mindolan's eyes as he heard this and great happiness filled his heart. Finally, after many years of pain, the Elves of Elenor had found a new home, far away from the enemies of the past, the dreadful Morquendi. Mindolan gave a cry of joy and as the Elves came running towards him to see what had happened, he cried to them that the promised land had been reached. He would build a tower of great strength and pride in the valley below to protect them and stand as a sign of the glory of Elenor.
A wave of happiness flowed through the encampment and the pain was forgotten for the moment. They gathered at the turn where they could see the track lead into the valley and all the Elves burst into song.

They watched over the valley for the rest of the night, until the morning sun rose straight above the highest mountain. It's steep slopes gleamed red of newborn light. This was the moment when Mindolan first sang the famous Song of Eversun. To remind this precious day, they named the pass Trollbattle Pass and the many caved mountain beside it was named Mount Lr, the Mountain of Song. The high mountain over which the stars and the sun had risen, they named Mount Eversun, for it's summit ever towered high above the clouds. The Elves got ready for the final part of their journey. They packed up and moved down into the valley below in song.
The valley stretched out below them with huge and beautiful forests, full of ancient trees. Several crystal-clear streams flowed through it, coming from the high, snow-tipped mountains that surrounded the valley and a huge glacier that could be seen in the north. A large lake lay in the west of the valley and just south west of it lay a great ravine, where a river plunged down into the deep with a great noise as loud as thunder. The Elves walked through the entire valley, from the south to the north, until they reached the foot of the huge glacier. At the borders of the snow-white fields of frozen water, they put up camp. A stream flowed from the foot of the glacier, south and east of it, the ancient forests lay. West of it, endless fields of the greenest grass stretched out to the foot of the mountains and the wind played with it, forming a green sea with the waves quietly flowing to an unknown destination. It was there, where the silent beauty of the valley cried out to the world, that Mindolan founded Minas Elen, the Tower of Stars, and the city around it.

Several years it took to build the capital of Minas Elen, both the Tower and the city around it. On it's completement, a grand feast was organized to honor this fact. For a week, they celebrated it, together with the Treants whom they had encountered in the valley's southern forests, where the nightingales ever sang, the Forest of Tinviel. During the evenings, Mindolan and Orodin climbed the Tower of Stars and looked out over the valley. Orodin's Third Prophecy had come true as well.
The stars rose over Mount Eversun, towering high above the Wide of Mindolan, the green sea of grass, that lay west of Minas Elen. Towards the south glimmered the Enchanted Lake and where the river Ithil, that flowed from the Ithil Glacier, flowed into the lake, the construction of the High-Elven treetown of Fe had already started. Much work still needed to be done, to complete this new homeland for the nation of Elenor.

On the night after the last day of the feast, Orodin had another vision. The being showed him the city of Minas Elen. The gate was shut and the walls were crowded with heavily armed Elves. A great host of Trolls gathered outside the city, angry and ready for battle. Orodin woke up screaming and Mindolan came running into his room, nervously asking what had happened. Orodin told him his Fourth Prophecy: the city would soon be besieged by huge armies of Trolls. They were still angry over what had happened at the Trollbattle Pass several years ago and they were looking for revenge, as well as a way to remove these intruders from their mountains.
Mindolan ran away, summoning the High Council, his advisors. The High Council had just been installed and restored, after many years of absence. This was to be the first meeting after Orodin's Second Prophecy, many years ago. Again the reason of this meeting was one of Orodin's dreams. The High Council send out many send forth many messengers, who set out to every Elven kingdom and colony they knew to find. Few of them ever returned. The few that did come back, reported that the borders of the valley were heavily patrolled by groups of Trolls.

It took the Trolls four years to assemble a huge army. At a sudden day, they climbed over the mountains that surrounded the valley of Minas Elen and into the beautiful valley they went, destroying many things in their path. The Elven border patrols had long reported the events before they appeared and the city was prepared, waiting, with shut gates and manned walls.
As smoke rose in the direction of the construction site of Fe, it was clear that the Trolls wanted nothing to remain of the Elven presence. Years of work were lost as the Elven treetown under construction met the flames. Only hours later it was, when the guards at the Tower of Stars first spotted the army of Trolls, coming ever closer to the city. When they reached the walls of Minas Elen, they attacked fiercely, trying to break both the walls and the resistance in a matter of seconds. But the walls were well build and they could withstand the power of the Trolls. The Elves defended bravely and they broke the first attack. Mindolan reminded the Elves of Orodin's words, that Minas Elen would be a safe haven for the Elves of Elenor and that the Tower would remain standing strong and proud above the city. The Elves drew confidence out of his words and with passion and valor, they fought back and disabled the Trolls from further attacks on the city.

The Trolls, unwilling to give up, but unable to attack the city without being defeated, surrounded the city and waited patiently for the Elves to run out of food and water. For seven years the siege continued. The nation of Elenor suffered, but remained standing, holding their ground.
After these seven dark years of pain, a star rose over the rim of this mortal world and newborn hope gleamed in the night. In the distance a giant eagle silently flew over the mountains and the Trollbattle Pass, boding more than eyes and mind could tell the Trolls. Still beyond the snow-tipped peaks the might of Elves had gathered. A day, only a second in the memory of the Elves, it took the gathered host to reach the Trollbattle Pass and the valley of Minas Elen. Elenor's messengers had long reached the Elven kingdoms and their feathered scouts had long reported the events in the valley, but only after a long period of hesitation they decided to aid their kind. The nations' ancestors had again proven to be the dark background of the bright star of Elenor.
The greatest wizards and warriors of the Elves had gathered and sneaked up to the Trolls' encampments. The Elves waited until the night was vanished and at dawn they struck. Surprise was the Trolls' worst enemy and as confusion struck their ranks, the might of the Elves was shown among them. As the fires swept among the city of Minas Elen, evil crumbled. The magic, strength and valor of the Elves was too much for even the toughest among the Trolls. The cold veil of death descended over the Trolls' army and few lived through these few moments, few lived to see the the stars rise over the peaks of the Ered Elen the following night.
The sun rose over Mount Eversun and lit the battlefields below, as Elenor was free again.

Many years went by and Mindolan and his likes of age had already left the realms of mortals to reside in the Undying Lands forever. Orodin still lived in the quiet and beautiful valley of Minas Elen. In these days he didn't live in the palace or in the city of Minas Elen anymore, but he had a new residence: Fortress Eversun. This grand castle lay at the foot of Mount Eversun, west of the, now completed, Elven treetown of Fe. A road made it's way from Fe to the fortress, making many turns as it climbed up, into the mountains.
Many wondered why Orodin still remained in these realms and many rumors and wild guesses were made, but none knew for sure. Not even Orodin himself really knew why he felt the urge to stay. But the Sage somehow felt that his mission among the nation of Elenor still hadn't been completed. His feelings were confirmed by the being that had visited him in his dreams before. The being visited him again and it said that Orodin still needed to remain, to prepare the nation of Elenor for the miseries to come. Without the Seer, they would surely perish.

The being took Orodin to the following week and it showed him the events to come, just like it had done several times before. Again, his message was a vision of pain and suffering. Flames flashed before Orodin's eyes and the burning houses of the Elves felt as painful as the looks of their inhabitants, standing in the midst of the inferno. The Years of Fire were to come and next week would only be the beginning of these days of dread.
The horror would come in the form of a winged serpent, a red dragon, one of evil's most powerful followers. Urulk was his name, the Fire-Dragon. He would come from far to the Ered Elen, the Mountains of Stars and make these mountains to be it's home. Destruction would be his message to the Elves, who provided him with a nice supply of food, as Elves tend to taste better than Trolls and their kind. Urulk would terrorize the region for many years.

Orodin notified the High Council of this, making his Fifth Prophecy. The King and his advisors didn't think very heavy of this, though, because they were proud of the might of Elenor. Many attacks on their freedom and their lives had been made, but all had been overcome. What difference could one dragon make, when the thousands of the hordes of the Trolls had been beaten? They were soon to find out, as the Orodin's Fifth Prophecy would be proven true.
Early in the morning, on the first day of the week, smoke rose out of the great ravine, the Depts of Yw, in the south-west of the valley of Minas Elen. A scouting party was send forth to the place were the river Yw drops into the Depts. Even before they had reached the Yw Falls, an evil spirit climbed into the sky, out of the Depts. Out of the Depts of Yw, he rose, Urulk, the Fire-Dragon. His evil fire, he spread over the fertile lands. The scouts ran for their lives, but they never got much further than the dragon's jaws.
Over the river Yw, he flew, and over the Enchanted Lake, following the river Tingily upstream. He left a path of destruction behind and wreaked havoc on the town of Brehnil, lying where the Tingily flows out of the mountains. The town guards didn't stand a chance against the floods of fire that were send to them from above, where Urulk made his way. Half the town was ashed in a matter of minutes, but many of the Elves who inhabited the town managed to escape into the mountains and to the capital city, Minas Elen itself, thanks to Orodin's early warning. From there, the dragon flew on, into the mountains east of the valley.

A fortress was constructed at the Crossroads, where the road from Fe to Brehnil meets the main road, from Minas Elen to the Trollbattle Pass. The construction of these defenses was interrupted several times by Urulk's visits to the valley. Upon completion, some years after Urulk's first appearance, the Fortress of the Crossroads was made the home of a special rapid response force. This force was trained in defending against dragon attacks and in fire-fighting.
For many years thereafter, the dragon paid regular visits to the Valley of Stars, although it encountered much more resistance, because the valley was now heavily defended. Several fortresses guarded the valley now, but only one of them remained free from attacks. It was Fortress Eversun, high up in the mountains, where Orodin dwelled. Never did the dragon dare to challenge the Seer, knowing his doom if he would do so. But Urulk ravaged the other fortresses and towns many times, usually ignoring all resistance. Many an arrow was launched into the dragon, but it didn't seem to matter at all. Flames ruled for many years, being the Years of Fire, as Orodin had predicted, but the Elves of Elenor remained standing proud and tall, rebuilding their homes and battlements time and time again.
And the sun was darkened those days, as the black clouds of smoke, rising from the fires that were among the mountains, rose up into the skies, hiding it from the eyes below. The valley of Minas Elen was dark, blackened by the ashes and scourged by the flames, only lit by the fires that were burning everywhere.

The rain slowly fell down in the Valley of Stars, blackening the lands. Not a normal rain, it was, but a dark grey, muddy substance. It contained the live that was no more, the ashes of the burned mountains. Only few trees had remained standing in the valley, unscorched by Urulk's fierce breath. Probably they would fall soon to, as the Years of Fire went by. The dragon knew no merci, for nothing that was alive, not even for what was not alive at all. Death roamed the lands, confused, as even the dead could not escape the red terror. The living remained hidden in their hiding places, fearing what was out there. And the rain just kept on falling on the blackened ruins.

But there was hope, still, as one star still kept on shining. High above the clouds, unharmed and unchallenged by the dragon, Orodin dwelled. High upon Mount Eversun, he looked over the dark clouds below him, from his Chair. Above him, the sky was clear and many stars floated through the sea of time. Their light lit the Seer, as he sat there and listened to a bright figure, standing, no, floating in front of him. It was the being, that had visited Orodin before. Now, on their sixth meeting, the being showed him the future.
It was to be the following day, that a boy would be born in the King's House. A new Crown Prince of Elenor would arise. This young prince would grow up to be the King of Elenor for several centuries and he would be the one to fight Urulk. The boy would cripple the dragon and so prevent him from attacking the valley. He would end the Years of Fire. Orodin smiled upon hearing this. Finally the being brought some good news again. But there was a sad part to, as the boy would indeed defeat Urulk, but he would perish in the battle.
Many thoughts played through Orodin's mind when he woke up that morning. He was cold, freezing cold and his bed was so hard. Suddenly he realized that he wasn't in his bed at all. He had fallen asleep in his Chair upon the summit of Mount Eversun. Orodin straightened his several millennia old back and he started his descend. He walked fast, faster than one would expect of a man of his age. He was incredibly old, even for an Elf and many wondered why he hadn't departed to the Undying Lands yet. Upon reaching his home, Fortress Eversun, at the foot of Mount Eversun, he walked by it quickly, leaving the guards behind to be surprised. What could it be that made the Seer to stay upon a mountain all night and run over the road to Fe in such a hurry?

But Orodin didn't stop at Fe. He moved on to the Crossroads and from there he went straight to the Palace in Minas Elen, traveling on what was left of the main road. When he reached the Palace, he found the Prince of Elenor already born. The King was surprised by Orodin's early visit and he nervously asked him what was the matter. After the Seer had gasped for breath several times, because of his run all the way from the summit of Mount Eversun, he spoke his Sixth Prophecy.
Orodin told them what the being had told him about the young prince and he called for a celebration. The King was glad, although he didn't like the part where his son died. The end of the red terror was near, although the King himself wouldn't see it. In a short ceremony, the Naming took place. The boy was named Arantar, the King-Lord, because he would victory over Urulk and be forever known as one of the great Elven kings.

Arantar grew up to be a strong young man, in much resembling the great Mindolan. Orodin trained him during his young years, both in the art of magic and in the art of war. When Arantar's father left the realms of the mortals and went on his journey to the Undying Lands, Arantar was crowned to be the new King of Elenor.
The young fighter-mage married Vanimeld, an Elven princess from one of the nearby High-Elven kingdoms that had helped the nation of Elenor, during the wars with the Trolls, now many years ago. Soon the rumors of the marriage being just a political choice disappeared, as they saw that true love did exist between the two. Although Arantar had never met Vanimeld before and had only heard tales of her beauty, their marriage was a happy one.

Just a few years after the marriage of Arantar and Vanimeld, it was, that a son was born in the King's House. The boy was named Gildor. The night after his birth, this young Crown Prince of Elenor would be the reason for yet another of Orodin's prophetic dreams and for many historic events the following day.

The being showed Orodin a far and distant future, where Gildor was going on a trip to another Elven kingdom. While Gildor, who would be King of Elenor in those days, would be gone, a dark and evil mage would sneak into the valley of Minas Elen. This mage, named Morion, would wield an use a powerful magical item to turn the Elves of Elenor into statues of salt. And thus the kingdom of Minas Elen would fall.
When Gildor would return, he and the host that would accompany him, would be slain by the armies of Orcs, Goblins, Trolls and other evil creatures, that Morion would assemble. Gildor was to be resurrected by Minastran, the powerful wizard that lived close to the valley of Minas Elen since ancient and unrecorded times. And thus would begin the struggle to save the nation of Elenor. A struggle that would later be recorded as the Battle of the Star. With a group of adventurers, that would later be named the Company of the Star, he would defeat Morion. The battle would be long and tough, taking many a day and at the cost of the lives of several of the most daring hero's of those days. Victory would be complete and the Elves would live in the valley of Minas Elen again, in relative peace. A peace that would last this time.

That was not all that the being told Orodin. There was a second part included this time. A message of which Orodin had hoped for many years, that it would come. The second part of Orodin's dream showed the Seer himself, sitting on the Seat of Orodin, high upon Mount Eversun's summit. Orodin's task with the Elves of Elenor was fulfilled now. Tomorrow, Orodin was to perform his Seventh Prophecy, being his last, from the Seat of Orodin, high upon Mount Eversun's summit. After that, the being would come and meet him there.

The following morning, it was, when the newborn sun let his first light play over the mountains, that Orodin left his dwelling at Fortress Eversun, with his scarce belongings packed in his traveling-bag. And as he started the long ascend, he felt tired, for the first time in his many days in the realms of mortals, he felt tired.
Upon reaching the summit, the top of the world, he sat down in the Seat of Orodin and rested for a while, for the journey had cost him a lot of energy. And then he spoke and all the valley heard him, speaking his Seventh Prophecy. All that the being had told him in the first part of his dream, he spoke, waiting for the second part to come true. Finally, he said goodbye to the nation of Elenor, the nation that he had protected for so long. Today, being his 7000th. birthday, he would finally leave them. His task among them was fulfilled now.
Upon saying this, a bright light descended from the skies above, making the young light of the sun seem weak. Orodin and the being that had visited him many a time met there and united they rose to the stars, clearly visible in the daytime skies, leaving the nation of Elenor utterly amazed. They would now be guided by the memories they had of Orodin the Seer, forever. And a new, bright star shines from that day on, guiding the Elves over the misty seas of time forever.

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