(Prestige) Classes:
Knight of Heaven's Vengeance
By: Arjan Wardekker
Type: Prestige Class
Game: Dungeons & Dragons (D&D)

The Knights of Heaven's Vengeance are an order of paladins, fighters, clerics, rangers and many other classes that are devoted to the destruction of demonkind. The order's members are all of Lawful Good or Neutral Good alignment and are basically some sort of half-paladins, if not full paladin already. The order is an integrated part of the Church of Heironeous. It is closely related to the Knights of Chalice and often works in close cooperations with that group. The Knights of Heaven's Vengeance also have very close connections with powers and powergroups on Mount Celestia and Celestials and Half-Celestials are known to join the order quite often.

The Knights of Heaven's Vengeance where formed as a support group for the Knights of Chalice. That order had suffered several mayor defeats because of their severe personal restrictions and the fact that they consist of almost only warriors. The demons had made good use of the Knights' of Chalice strict following of law and honor and the fact that most of them are loners. Several of the Church's leaders considered it to be time for payback and so the Knights of Heaven's Vengeance where founded.
The order generally follows the paladin's code of honor and law and is even more keen on this than most of the Chuch of Heironeous. They make one, but only one exception, though. When confronted with the extreme evil, Demons, and situations where demonkind would profit from the Knight following the paladin's code, the Knight of Heaven's Vengeance is willing to bend the truth and law a bit. How much the truth and law are bend, of couse depends on the Knight's alignment.
The most important differences with the other Demon-fighting order, the Knights of Chalice, is the fact that any class can easily join the order. The knights of Chalice are much more demanding to a character. They are very hard to join for others than warriors (e.g. the +8 to hit requirement and the +1 full plate requirement; what wizard has a +8 to to hit and walks around in full plate?). The Knights of Heaven's Vengeance can be joined more easily by other classes, although the Knights are focused in becoming (better) warriors. A wizard can join, but essenially becomes a figher-wizard or paladin-wizard kind of character. Another big difference that has to do with these facts, is that the Knights of Heaven's Vengeance aren't loners at all (like the Knights of Chalice) and use their differences (in both character and class) to the best they can. Cooperation is very important.

Hit Die: d10

Alignment: Lawful or Neutral Good
Base Attack: +5
Knowledge (religion): 2 ranks
Knowledge (the planes): 5 ranks
Feats: One of the following: Weapon Focus, Spell Penetration, Spell Focus.
Equipment: Must have Bane Weapon against Evil Outsiders.
Languages: Celestial and/or Abyssal

Class Skills:
Skill Points: 2 + Int. modifier per level.
Class Skills: Climb (Str), Concentration (Con), Craft (Int), Diplomacy (Cha), Handle Animal (Cha), Heal (Wis), Jump (Str), Knowledge (the planes or specialised in the abyss/demons) (Int), Knowledge (religion) (Int), Listen (Wis), Profession (Int), Ride (dex), Speak Language (Celestial, Abyssal and Infernal), Spot (Wis), Swim (Str)

1+1+2+1+1detect evil, slay demons +1/+1d6
2+2+3+1+1divine grace, smite evil
3+3+3+2+1turn demons
4+4+4+2+2heaven's heart, slay demons +2/+2d6
5+5+4+3+2celestial companion
7+7+5+4+3slay demons +3/+3d6
8+8+6+4+3heaven's mind
9+9+6+5+3heaven's senses
10+10+7+5+4slay demons +4/+4d6

Spells per day:
Class Level1st2nd3rd4th

Class Features:
Detect evil: Same as the Paladin's abiltity
Slay demons: Because of the Knight of Heaven's Vengeance training in fighting demons, at 1st level, he receives a +1 competence bonus to his attack roll and +1d6 damage against demons. At 4th level it becomes +2/+2d6, at 7th level it becomes +3/+3d6 and finally at 10th level it becomes +4/+4d6.
Divine grace: Same as the Paladin's abiltity
Smite evil: Same as the Paladin's abiltity. A Paladin with this prestige class may add his paladin levels to his Knight of Heaven's Vengeance levels and gets his charisma bonus doubled.
Turn demons: Same as Turn Undead, but only effective against demons. The Knight of Heavens Vengeance uses his Character level instead of his class level for this ability.
Heaven's Heart: The Knight of Heaven's Vengeance becomes immune to fear effects created by demons. Allies within 30 feet of the Knight gain a +4 bonus to their saves. A paladin with this prestige class grants his allies a +8 bonus to their saves (it is cummulative with his normal fear immunity ability).
Celestial companion: At 5th level, the Knight may call for the compainonship of a celestial cat, dog, eagle, hawk, horse, owl, pony, wolf or similar creature. See Appendix 1 of the Monster Manual for the base creature's statistics and Appendix 3 for the celestial template. This creature willingly acts as a guardian, helper or mount. The creature is similar to a wizard's familiar or a paladin's special mount. A paladin with this prestige class can have both the special mount and the celestial companion or have his celestial companion be his special mount, if he is willing to wait until he reaches the required level. Same goes for wizards, socerers, etc. The companion gains HD and special abilities based upon the Knight of Heaven's Vengeance level as listed below. Should the companion die, the knight may call for a new one after a year and a day. This companion will have all the accumulated abilities for the Knight's current level.

Celestial Companion
12 or less+2+1+16improved evasion, share spells, empathic link, share saving throws
13-15+4+3+27speak with master
16-18+6+5+38blood bond
19++8+7+49spell resistance

Heaven's Mind: The Knight of Heaven's Vengeance becomes immune to mind affecting spellls, abilities, etc. of demons.
Heaven's Senses: The Knight of Heaven's Vengeance feels the presence of any demon within 250 yards. If the demon is cloaking his presence by spells like illusions or polymorphs, treat this ability as a True Seeing effect with the Knight's class level. Otherwise, the Knight automatically feels the demon's presence and has a general idea of where it is.
Spells per day: The Knight of Heaven's Vengeance receives divine spells according to the table above. He prepares and casts them just as a cleric does, although he can't spontaneously cast cure. The Knight's spell list:
1st - bless, bless water, bless weapon, cure light wounds, detect poison, divine favor, endure elements, magic weapon, protection from evil, resistance, virtue
2nd - bull's strength, cure moderate wounds, delay poison, remove paralysis, resist elements, shield other, undetectable alignment
3rd - cure serious wounds, descern lies, dispel magic, greater magic weapon, heal celestial companion (as a heal spell; only usable on the Knight's own celestial companion), magic circle against evil, prayer, remove curse
4th - cure critical wounds, death ward, dispel evil, holy sword, neutralize poison
Code of conduct: Knights of Heaven's Vengeance must be Lawful Good or Neutral Good of alignment and lose all special class abilities if they ever willingly commit an act of evil. The Knight will generally respect legimate authority, act with honor, help those who need help and punish those who harm or threaten innocents. Exceptions can be made when those actions would support evil rather than good, especially when demons are involved. In those cases, the Knight may bend the law a bit. How far the Knight will go in bending the law depends on his alignment (if he's lawful good, neutral good or "something in between").

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