From the high buttresses and towers of the castle, guards watch your approach. Once you have entered the courtyard, you notice that an adventurer such as yourself is not an uncommon sight here. The familiar ring of swords resounds of the walls, mixed with an occasional whoosh of a practice fireball. From inside, you hear teachers lecture students on various types of foes and ways to combat them.

This section of contains adventuring tools, skills and knowledge. Below you will find (prestige) classes, monsters, spells, items, skills & feats, and custom rules.
Most material is intended for use with Dungeons & Dragons (D&D) / d20. Material for other games is welcome however.

Classes, Prestige Classes & Kits:
Cave ExplorerPrestige ClassD&D5211
Chosen of the Dark GoddessPrestige ClassD&D4148
Dagger MouthClassD&D3926
Demon Hunter (Prime Guard)Prestige ClassD&D4296
Dwarven MastersmithPrestige ClassD&D4270
Knight of Heaven's VengeancePrestige ClassD&D4399
Lightning BowPrestige ClassD&D4165
Master of DecayPrestige ClassD&D3159
Necrowarrior of NaturePrestige ClassD&D3340
PranksterPrestige ClassD&D3854
Servant of the RedeemedClassD&D3262
SortierPrestige ClassD&D3573
Spirit WalkerPrestige ClassD&D3961
Sumo WrestlerPrestige ClassD&D6680
Targai TrooperPrestige ClassD&D3099

BloodstoneAberration650 XPAD&D4813
DhaiklerAberrationCR 4D&D2920
WrotAberrationCR 5D&D3108
War GoatAnimal65 XPAD&D3012
Miniature RhinoAnimalCR 1D&D3856
Tinker Battle RodentAnimalCR 2D&D3227
Mechanical TeethConstructCR 1/2D&D2882
Tinker Tomb GuardianConstructCR 5D&D2879
Sea Horse WyvernDragonCR 17D&D3026
Magma FolkElementalCR 3, 6 or 9D&D2834
Misen (Deepworm)ElementalCR 15D&D3228
Brown Forest ScavengerFeyCR 2, 4, 6 or 8D&D2993
HigriFeyCR 1D&D3069
Krin (Sprite)FeyCR 1/2 or 1, LA +0 to +2D&D3179
Black LiskMagical beastCR 6D&D2873
Blink VinkMagical beastCR 1/2D&D2833
Dimension DoveMagical beastCR 1D&D2726
Striding VultureMagical beastCR 3D&D2588
Fever Rat MasterMonstrous humanoidCR 7D&D2721
VanisherMonstrous humanoidCR 1 or 7D&D4495
YurgimMonstrous humanoid or UndeadCR 2 or 3D&D2800
GloozeOozeCR 2D&D3054
Rolling OozeOozeCR 6D&D2606
Demon of DecayPlanar being (evil)CR 2D&D2677
GyngorPlanar being (evil)CR 1/2D&D2739
TargaiPlanar being (evil)CR 2, 3 or 7, LA +4D&D3330
Thunder DwarfPlanar being (evil)CR 4D&D3695
HailgrowerPlanar being (neutral)CR 8D&D2644
HordeTemplateCR +0D&D4481
IcareanTemplateCR +1, LA +1 or +2D&D3454
Drem WarpedTemplate, Planar being (evil)CR +0 to +4D&D2780
Radiant SpiritTemplate, Planar being (good, neutral)CR +1, LA +2D&D3309
Necro BoundTemplate, UndeadCR +4 or x2D&D3570
Baby ZombieUndeadCR 1/6D&D2765
Heap ZombieUndeadCR 6D&D3035
Skeletal ClownUndeadCR 4D&D2922
Wretched FencerUndeadCR 2D&D2727
Grand ScorpionVerminCR 10D&D2827

Download:Jan Willem van den Brink's Booklet of Beings (172 kb)
Download:Jan Willem van den Brink's Booklet of Dreadful Beings (109 kb)

Name:Type:Class & Level:Game:Views:
Conjure HerdConjurationSorcerer/Wizard 3,
Druid 3, Ranger 3
Eomund's Praising ChoirConjurationSorcerer/Wizard 2D&D, AD&D2793
Healer's HandsConjurationCleric 9D&D2584
Ineath's Instant FlowerpotConjurationSorcerer/Wizard 1D&D, AD&D2572
Instant ArtilleryConjurationSorcerer/Wizard 2D&D2662
Jibble's Giant JellyConjurationSorcerer/Wizard 2D&D2631
Jibble's Jolly JetpackConjurationSorcerer/Wizard 3D&D2846
Nature's CallConjurationDruid 9D&D2759
RestrainConjurationSorcerer/Wizard 1D&D2802
Rite of the Greater BeastsConjurationDruid 9D&D2303
Slivered DeathConjurationSorcerer/Wizard 4, Cleric 5D&D2992
Bad Foreign Language SpellsEnchantmentSorcerer/Wizard 4D&D2897
Eomund's Impressive EntranceEnchantmentSorcerer/Wizard 1D&D, AD&D2731
Eomund's Graceful EntranceEnchantmentCleric 1D&D, AD&D2635
Alexander's Tiny WindstormEvocationSorcerer/Wizard 0D&D2585
Dark OrbEvocationSorcerer/Wizard 5D&D2977
Divine WrathEvocationCleric 9D&D2492
PaintballEvocationSorcerer/Wizard 0D&D2800
PaintbombEvocationSorcerer/Wizard 2D&D2800
Remote ApprenticeIllusionSorcerer/Wizard 7D&D2522
Dark SleepNecromancySorcerer/Wizard 7, Cleric 7D&D3126
Horrid Word of DeathNecromancySorcerer/Wizard 9, Cleric 9D&D2470
Silver Sovereign's Spark of
Slaying Demons
NecromancySorcerer/Wizard 7D&D2802
Summon Sword of Magic MightNecromancyAny caster 2D&D2850
Psionic HoleOtherPsion/wilder 6D&D2521
Cloud of RainTransmutationSorcerer/Wizard 2D&D, AD&D2699
Harmonize LandsTransmutationDruid 9D&D2598
Swiftness (greater, mass,
mass greater)
TransmutationBard 3, 5, 6,
Sorcerer/Wizard 3, 5, 6, 8

Jibble's Metal MonstrosityArmor (magic)D&D2821
Library of Preservation / Ancient TomesEnchantmentD&D2953
Bag of No-GoldMisc. item (magic)D&D3064
Coffin of Endless TortureMisc. item (magic)D&D2644
Coffin of PreservationMisc. item (magic)D&D2574
Elven Rope of RelaxationMisc. item (magic)D&D2814
Faery's Little OaktreeMisc. item (magic)AD&D2746
Gnomish Coin Counter & SorterMisc. item (magic)D&D2692
Jibble's Rod-o-MaticMisc. item (magic)D&D3336
Mindguide / BloodguideMisc. item (magic)D&D2887
Portable OrchestraMisc. item (magic)D&D2596
Soothing HandkerchiefMisc. item (magic)D&D2968
Tome of the Tundrac-VariscadMisc. item (magic), Major artifactD&D2298
Necros AcidPotionD&D2754
Gnome God's Gnarly StickRod, wand or staff, Major artifactD&D2907
Tinker RodRod, wand or staffD&D2908
Wand of the ButterflyRod, wand or staffAny2549
Wizards Staff of RainshieldRod, wand or staffAny, AD&D2718
Crossbow, Miniature/Small RepeatingWeaponD&D4234
Gnomish Bomb-DropperWeaponD&D2610
Jibble's Fist-in-a-BoxWeapon, Weapon (magic)D&D6044
Nevermelt Ice WeaponWeaponD&D3440
Repeating BallistaWeaponD&D3783
Charcoal BladeWeapon (magic)D&D3067
Prismatic WeaponWeapon (magic)D&D3657
Soul SearingWeapon (magic)D&D2502
Sword of KashWeapon (magic)D&D2657
The Sword of SurtrWeapon (magic)D&D3570
Tundris Longbow of the BlizzardWeapon (magic)D&D2701
Umbreoth's ScimitarWeapon (magic)D&D2728
WristglassWearableAny, D&D2765
Amulet of SaintsWearable (magic)D&D2524
Amulet of the FeyWearable (magic)D&D, AD&D2896
Björn's Emerald EarringWearable (magic)D&D, AD&D3102
Bracers of PowerpointWearable (magic)D&D2581
Charge GlovesWearable (magic)D&D2577
Necklace of Nine LivesWearable (magic)D&D2497
Robe of Useful Items, GreaterWearable (magic)D&D3229

Skills, Feats & Proficiencies:
Craft Nevermelt IceFeatD&D3440
Forge ArtifactFeatD&D2497
Melee ArcheryFeatD&D2626
Multiply SpellFeatD&D2616

Custom Rules:
Alchemical Emulation of Magical PotionsD&D2842
ReputationAny, D&D3068
Mass CombatD&D5186
Spell Replacement: HasteD&D4235
Winged Creatures: Developing WingsD&D2914

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