Coffin of Endless Torture
By: Arjan Wardekker
Type: Misc. item (magic)
Game: Dungeons & Dragons (D&D)

This massive coffin is made of a special type of black, dense rock that is found only in the deep places of the world. The inside of the desecrated device radiates necromantic energy. It can contain a body of up to medium size. Larger versions cost 10% per additional size category extra.
Once per day, the device can turn a body placed within it into an undead being, as per Animate Dead, Create Undead or Create Greater Undead spell. The user will need to provide a black onyx gem worth 50 gp per HD of the undead created. The gem is consumed in the creation. Furthermore, the user will need to donate a drop of his own blood, or another bodypart, to bond with the being. During creation, a Desecrate effect is in place, granting the undead +1 hit point per HD. The creator has control over the being. Per own HD, he or she can control up to 1 HD of created undead.

The most sinister element of the vile device, from which it derives its name, is the ability to transform even living creatures into undead (Will save DC 19 (lesser) or 22 (improved and greater) negates the effect). In doing so, the ego and soul of the creature within the coffin are suppressed and an undead ego is created as a reflection of the living creature's. The creature's ego and soul remain present in the body and remain fully aware of what the it is doing, trapped in an endless waking nightmare. The original creature cannot be contacted in any way, except through a Speak with Dead spell cast on the body.
The presence of the positive energy of the creature's ego and soul interfere with negative energy spells cast on the undead body. The being heals 1 hit point less per die of healing through an inflict wounds type spell, 1 hit point less per negative level inflicted, and 1 hit point less per HD when being healed by a Harm spell. Furthermore, such healing is extremely painful for the suppressed ego and soul, and there is a 1% per hit point healed chance that the ego surfaces, screaming in pain and dazing the undead for 1 round.
While undead, the creature cannot be ressurrected by any means. Whether the creature can be ressurrected after destruction depends on its mental state. It may have long gone insane because of its undead body's horrific acts, and may be unwilling to return. In extreme cases, the creature may be unable to move on and remains as a ghost.

The device can create the following types of undead, per version:
Lesser (CL 14): Skeleton, Zombie, Ghoul, Shadow, Ghast.
Improved (CL 16): As lesser, plus: Wight, Mummy, Spectre.
Greater (CL 20): As improved, plus: Wraith, Vampire, Ghost.

Caster Level: 14th (lesser), 16th (improved), or 20th (greater) ; Prerequisites: Evil alignment, Craft Wondrous Item, Ability to control undead, Animate Dead, Create Undead, Create Greater Undead (improved and greater versions only), Desecrate; Market price: 35,000 gp (lesser), 70,000 (improved) or 140,000 (greater); Weight: 500 lb.

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