Gnome God's Gnarly Stick (major artifact)
By: Jurri van Meerveld
Type: Rod, wand or staff, Major artifact
Game: Dungeons & Dragons (D&D)

The chief deity of Gnomes made his own rod of wonder, for a god needs a different kind of mayhem.
To nonchaotic beings it is just a gnarly stick (an indestructible gnarly stick), yet radiating no discernible magic. But in the hands of a chaotic being it radiates extremely strong magic. Chaotic beings recognize it immediately as a normal rod of wonder.

All effects are at caster lvl 20.

1-5:You are affected by a time stop spell, but only in regard to the creature pointed at.
6-10:The target gives light as brilliant as the sun, it is for all effects regarded as normal sunlight. duration 1min./lvl, no save.
11-15:User is immediately exchanged with an avatar of the chief deity of Gnomes, user is exchanged again when avatar sees fit (avatar is under GM's control), no save.
16-20:Wind blows outwards from you in all directions up to 15 miles: duration 1 hr, during this time the wielder of the rod is unable to move due to the forces of the wind blowing out from him.
Up to 1 mile from you: 175+ miles/hr, destroys all nonfortified buildings and often uproots large trees.
Miles 2-3: 75+ miles/hr: destroy wooden buildings, sometimes uproot great trees, cause most ships to founder.
Miles 4-6: 51+ miles/hr: drives most flying creatures from the sky, uproots small trees, knocks down light wooden structures, tears off roofs and endangers ships.
Miles 7-10: 31+ miles/hr: causes minor ship and building damage.
Miles 11-15: makes sailing difficult.
Beyond this range there is normal windforce up until natural limits.
Fortitude DC 34 negates
21-25:All creatures within 100 ft show a picture above their heads of their most prominent thought for 1d4 hours (no save)
26-30:Stinking cloud at 30 ft range, every person in the cloud aquires the smelly person template, Fortitude DC 32 Smelly person template: cha -4, you secrete a yellow/ green bile like substance all over your body, it is transferable to anyone who touches the bile, fortitude DC 32. curable by a miracle or wish.
31-33: Heavy rain falls centered on rod wielder in 60 mile radius, duration 1 hr, if you enter shelter, it also begins raining inside the shelter. no save.
34-36:Summon an animal:
1-25: A dimiutive rhino (has the strength, hp and natural armor of a normal sized rhino)
26-75: Fine furry elephant, with extremely big eyes and charisma of 27
76-100: Collosal mouse
37-46:You become charged with lightning, when you touch another creature you deal 10d6 dice of lightning damage (1d6 damage/die), you have a total of 40 dice. no save. targets of discharged lightning reflex DC 32
47-49:Stream of 600 huge flying pigs stream forth from the rod, they flutter around with their butterfly wings, blinding everyone within 9000 sq ft with excrement for 2 rds.
Reflex DC 29 to avoid.
50-53:Target is enlarged to gargantuan size if within 60 ft of rod. fortitude DC 30. duration 1 min/lvl
54-58:Everyone within a 30 ft diameter hemisphere , centered 30 ft away from rod is transported in time to the next darkest moment in the night on the same location. no save.anyone or anything at that moment is transported back in time to the point of departure. no save.
59-62:Forest typical to the climate grows in 10 mile square area before the rod, already existing forest grows to 10 times it's size, and is magically enhanced to be able to live at the new size.
63-65:Turn ethereal the most nearby settlement, not including the citizens. All equipment loose or worn also turns ethereal.
66-69:Reduce wielder to fine size. he/she gains a pointy head, he/she is now dressed in dungarees and holds a wheelbarrow. duration 1min/lvl. the first one to capture the target is granted a wish. (capturing means against the target's will) no save.
70-79:Everyone within 20 ft radius is transported to the first layer of the abyss for 6 rds. If the rod is taken from the wielder it will transport back to the plain of origin. no save.
80-84:Wielder becomes invisible permanently. no save. It takes a wish to lift the invisibility.
85-87:If target is within 60 feet, leaves and fruits grow from target. if fruits are eaten, 50% chance on a heal effect, 50% chance on death, no save.
88-90:A complete fortress appears (size dependent upon GM, but at least large enough to have artillery). It is completely furnished, the complete value of the furnishment and such is 100000 gp. Anything worth more than 1 gp taken out of the fortress is teleported to a random location on the same world.
91-95:A prismatic sphere surrounds you.
96-97:Wielder (50% chance) or target (50% chance) is gains the half celestial, half fiend or half dragon template. This lasts until another use of this ability. Alignment changes by GM's choice. no save.
98-100:Flesh to stone on target within 60 ft. also enlarges target one size factor. If a a spell is cast to reverse the process (like stone to flesh or break enchantment) the target is turned to a stone golem. Mental abilities stay the same. Any arcane spellcasting abilities are treated as if caster is wearing full plate armor.
Skill's, feats and hit points do not change, unless a stone golem form would prohibit the use of a skill or a feat.
The process is reversible by a wish.
If the target is already made of stone, he turns into a flesh like race equivalent to the person closest to the rod. If a flesh to stone spell is used on the target it is turned into a flesh golem made of parts from the race of the person closest to the rod.
Fortitude DC 35

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