Gnomish Bomb-Dropper
By: Paul Shotwell
Type: Weapon
Game: Dungeons & Dragons (D&D)

The Gnomish Bomb-Dropper is a simple type of glider plane created by putting wings on a metal tube. The tube has 3 sets of grenades draped from either side with a mechanical release device (a small blade to cut the rope) with preset intervals. The plane has 2 sets of wings, a larger set to keep it airborne and a smaller set on the back that can be manually maneuvered up, down, left or right to steer. The tube is filled with black powder with flint set in the front of it. upon impact, the front tip of the tube (constructed of iron) rubs against the flint igniting the powder causing an enormous explosion. Think of it as an unmanned suicide bomber's plane.

[Editor's suggestions: Damage and cost of such an item would strongly depend on the setting. For the grenades, use e.g. Renaissance bombs (see DMG) or if used in a standard setting that doesn't have black powder available, substitute with alchemist fire. The main tube could inflict e.g. triple damage (and cost at least 4 times as much). Sting could be used to bring the device into the air and maneuver it in the initial stages. Attacking with the device could be similar to attacking with a ballista (unmodified d20 as attack roll), possibly influenced by a specialized skill (e.g. Profession (siege engineer) or some form of Gnomish warfare/tinkering skill).]

Public domain.

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