Necklace of Nine Lives
By: Arjan Wardekker
Type: Wearable (magic)
Game: Dungeons & Dragons (D&D)

The Necklace of Nine Lives is an expensive piece of jewelry, made of mithral. The necklace includes nine large cat's eye gems, which are the centerpiece of this item. It is also accompanied by a small mithral statue of a cat (hardness 15, 150 hit points).
When the wearer is slain, his or her remains, gear and carried items vanish and are transported to the location of the cat statue. The wearer is immediately brought back to life as per True Resurrection spell. The statue can be placed anywhere, but transportation functions only if the wearer is on the same plane. If the wearer is on another plane, he or she is resurrected on spot. Destroying the cat statue prevents the necklace from functioning, until a new statue is constructed for 15,000 gp. The cat's eye gems function as charges for this item. Upon use, a gem is destroyed, until all gems have been used. They can be replaced at any time, for 15,000 gp each.

An opponent wielding a Nine Lives Stealer can negate the item's power. Upon scoring a critical hit, the wielder becomes aware of the Necklace, its function and charges left. He or she may choose to use the Stealer's charges to suppress or destroy (wielder's choice) the functionning of one or more of the necklaces' charges (no save, one gem suppressed per Stealer charge used). When suppressed, a gem regains its function after 24 hours.

Caster Level: 17th; Strong Conjuration and Evocation; Prerequisites: Craft Wondrous Item, True Resurrection, Miracle; Market price: 152,000 gp (15,000 per gem, 15,000 for the statue, 2,000 for the necklace); Weight: -.

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