Faery's Little Oaktree
By: Arjan Wardekker
Type: Misc. item (magic)
Game: Advanced Dungeons & Dragons (AD&D)

Value: -
XP value: 1500
Weight: 15 lbs.

The Faery's Little Oaktree is, as the name already puts it, a small oaktree (sapling size). It is usually found in a strange flowerpot, bearing arcane markings that can only be read by someone who knows the language of the fey (that is: Dryad, Pixie and those kinds of languages). These markings tell about the item's functions (this description).

The Oaktree enables 1 person to step inside it and hide there, just like a Dryad does with her tree. During this period, the subject will function as a Dryad, without her special abilities. It does give the hidden person the ability to cast the spell Faery Fire once a day, like a 10th level mage. This spell ability is often used in nightly sneak attacks, because it makes the enemy more visible (AC penalties) and creates confusion among them, granting the attacker a lot of advantage.
The tree can be occupied by only one person a day, so the first person to enter that day can leave it and enter again, but another cannot enter it that same day, when the fist occupant left.
The Little Oaktree has an AC 4. When not occupied, the tree takes 20 hp's of damage to destroy. When occupied, the total number of hitpoints equals 20 + the number of hitpoints of the occupant. Any damage on the tree is also received by the occupant (just like in the Dryad's case).

The fact that there is someone in the tree cannot be discovered by normal means, except by fey folk. Magical spells like True Seeing will reveal this.

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