Wizards Staff of Rainshield
By: Arjan Wardekker
Type: Rod, wand or staff
Game: Any / Advanced Dungeons & Dragons (AD&D)

value: -
XP value: 1000
weight: 4 lbs.

The Wizard's Staff of Rainshield is a beautifully decorated quarterstaff, with a lot of arcane symbols carved in it. The quarterstaff has a +1 enchantment.

The special feature of this item is that, when it rains, the raindrops will stop at a foot above the wearer's head. The drops are stopped by a circular force field with a 4 feet diameter. This force field will prevent water from falling down on the wearer. If the amount of water becomes more than 10 liters, it will start to flow off at the edges of the force field. The 10 liters will remain floating above the wearer's head until it evaporates.
The force field is also effective against other water related attacks (a create water spell, for example... the staff will prevent the wearer from getting soaked and it will save him/her a lot of embarrasment) and water based creatures. In the case of water based creatures, like a water elemental, it will grant a +3 to AC against it's attacks. To gain this AC bonus, the attack must come from above (or nearly the head area) or the wearer must direct the force field towards the attack(er) or attack him/her (so the top of the staff will be directed towards the enemy most of the time).

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