Tinker Rod
By: Arjan Wardekker
Type: Rod, wand or staff
Game: Dungeons & Dragons (D&D)

The Tinker Rod is an item similar to the Rod of Wonder, but it does not have the destructive power of fireball, lightning bolt and flesh to stone spells. It does have a lot more random effects, most of which are truely Tinkerish (although some might prefer the term "insane").
The strange device is therefore even stranger and more unpredictable than the Rod of Wonder. Each time it is used, it randomly generates a weird effect. Most Tinker Rods use the effects listed below, although they might vary depending on the environment (campaign) where the rod is discovered or created.
Special Tinker Rods that are not really rods at all have also been known to exist. These devices look like large, shiny and sparkling marbles. When a creature picks it up, the marble disappears and the creature's favorite item gets the powers of a Tinker Rod. When the creature dies, the powers form into a marble again.

d%Wondrous Effect
01-04Restrain spell on target (40% chance), wielder (40% chance), or random other humanoid within range (20% chance) (DC 11).
05-07Pyrotechnics at a random firesource within range (if available) (DC 13).
08-10Veil spell makes target (70% chance), random creature within range (20% chance), or 1d6 random creatures within range look like a Gnome (DC 19).
11-13Veil spell makes target (40% chance), wielder (40% chance), or random creature (20% chance) look like a jester (DC 19).
14-15Glitterdust on target (DC 13).
16-17Random Action on target (50% chance) or wielder (50% chance) (DC 11).
18-19Shatter on target (DC 13).
20-22Paintball spell (5 missiles) on target (no save).
23-24Paintbomb spell on target (DC 13).
25-26Instant Artillery spell at 10 ft. range (no save).
27-29Jibble's Jolly Jetpack on wielder (DC 14).
30-32Eomund's Praising Choir on target (no save).
33-35Ineath's Instant Flowerpot on up to 10 targets (DC 11).
36-37Cloud of Rain on target (70% chance), wielder (20% chance), or random creature or creature within range (no save).
38-40A Ventriloquism spell exchanges the voices of the wielder and the target (50% chance) or a random creature within range (50% chance) (DC 11).
41-42The wielder roots and is unable to move for 10 minutes (no save).
43-45Summon a swarm (as per Summon Swarm) of pink rabbits (25% chance), winged frogs (25% chance), glowworms (25% chance) or fireflies (25% chance) for 2 rounds. The swarm does not inflict damage, but makes spellcasting or concentrating on spells impossible (no save).
46-48Tasha's Hideous Laughter on target (70% chance), wielder (20% chance) or random creature within range (10% chance) (DC 13).
49-50Entropic Shield on target (40% chance), wielder (40% chance) or random creature, if within 60 ft (no save).
51-53Everything within 30 ft of the wielder is thoroughly cleansed and starts to shine and sparkle.
54-56A Major Image of an Apparatus of the Crab appears at 30 ft from the wielder and attacks the target for 3 rounds (DC 14).
57-58Slow creature pointed at for 10 rounds (DC 13).
59-60Faerie fire surrounds the target (no save).
61-63Deludes wielder for 1 round into believing the rod functions as indicated by a second die roll (no save).
64-65Gust of wind, but at windstorm force (DC 13).
66-67Wielder learns target's surface thoughts (as with detect thoughts) for 1d4 rounds (no save).
68-69Stinking cloud at 30-ft. range (DC 12).
70-73Heavy rain falls for 1 round in 60-ft. radius centered on rod wielder.
74-75Summon an animal-a rhino (25% chance), elephant (25% chance), or mouse (50% chance).
76-78Stream of 600 large butterflies pours forth and flutters around for 2 rounds, blinding everyone (including wielder) within 25 ft. (Reflex save DC 14 to avoid).
79-80Enlarge target 50% if within 60 ft. of rod (DC 11).
81-82Darkness, 30-ft.-diameter hemisphere, centered 30 ft. away from rod.
83-85Grass grows in 160-sq.-ft. area before the rod, or grass existing there grows to ten times normal size.
86Turn ethereal any nonliving object of up to 1,000 lb. mass and up to 30 cu. ft. in size.
87-89Reduce wielder to 1/12 height (no save).
90Invisibility covers rod wielder.
91-93Leaves grow from target if within 60 ft. of rod. These last 24 hours.
94-9510-40 gems, value 1 gp each, shoot forth in a 30-ft.-long stream. Each gem causes 1 point of damage to any creature in its path: roll 5d4 for the number of hits and divide them among the available targets.
96-97Shimmering colors dance and play over a 40-ft.-by-30-ft. area in front of rod. Creatures therein are blinded for 1d6 rounds (Fortitude negates DC 12).
98-100Wielder (50% chance) or target (50% chance) turns permanently blue, green, or purple (no save).

Caster Level: 10th; Prerequisites: Craft Rod, Confusion, Creator must be chaotic; Market price: 11,000 gp; Weight: 5 lb.

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