Umbreoth's Scimitar
By: Todd Barket
Type: Weapon (magic)
Game: Dungeons & Dragons (D&D)

80 years ago, King Attur's son accompanied by clerics of the god Hisitar, began a journey though the foreign lands outside their borders. This quest to unite the outlying civilizations and colonies under one religion was hailed as the single greatest event during the Kings reign.

Umbreoth, and his companions converted a great multitude of the people to their deity, working their way through the outlying foothills the came to a great open plain. A huge towered city stood at the beginning of this plain, ruled by the consul of Othar. Umbreoth was welcomed into the city to speak and debate the merits of his nations religious beliefs. However, the consul, fearing a loss of their own power betriad Umbreoth and his clerics and in an attempt of murder.
Barely escaping the attack and direly wounded Umbreoth came to a small stream just outside the city. With agents of Othar closing in, Umbreoth beseached his god, to avenge the loss of so pious a group. Such were the deeds of Umbreoth for his god that the god Histar did intervein. He came to Umbeoths side and presented him with a weapon to avenge his betrayers.

Umbreoth, possessed with the divine influence of Histar, attacked his pursers with a vengeance. After slaying them he proceeded to ride back Othar. Once there he entered the city through stealth and avenged the clerics on the consul.
Fully expecting now to die, Umbreoth fought to take as many of the enemy’s soldiers with him that he could. Unexpectedly Umbreoth did not die a quick death, the tales of the battle tell of his slaying of over two hundred men at arms before finally succumbing to his wounds. The citizens of Othar sent the sword out of the city on a riderless horse such was their fear of the Sword of Umbreoth that slayed so many of their fellows.

Fearing reprisals and making the false assumption that all of the peoples of King Attirs lands would fight with such ferocity the people of Othar sent back Umbreoths body to the king accompanied by the children of the consul members who ordered the murder as a sacrifice to the King for his mercy.

King Attir, mourning the loss of his beloved son, could not bring himself to condemn these children as his foes had done and in his mercy sent the children home.

Umbreoths Scimitar is wholly unremarkable to look at. It appears to be a simple Scimitar, however its powers are quite remarkable.

Scimitar +3, Int 16 Ego 10 Lawful Good.

Other abilities:

On a roll of a natural 20 the sword does X2 damage and a chance of the following:
Only against humanoid foes.

01 - 25 normal X2 damage
26 - 40 decapitate a humanoid shaped opponent
41 - 55 shatters the weapon of the opponent
56 - 65 cleaves the armor of an opponent reducing the ac bonus be 2
66 - 75 causes fear as the spell at 5th level to all opponents (save at -1)
76 - 90 adds half the damage done on that strike to be added to the wielder of the sword (up to 10% over the maximum for that character (the excess hit points dissipate after combat)
91 - 95 meteor shower as the spell at 9th level at the wielders enemies
96 - 00 subtracts an attribute point from the foe and adds it to the wielder permanently. (Random 1 = Strength, 2 = Dexterity, 3 = Constitution, 4 = Intelligence, 5 = Wisdom, 6 = Charisma) to a max of 19

Produces light in a 75’ radius when held. No way to extinguish light.

Restrictions to benefits:

Only Lawful good characters can receive the attribute benefits of the sword.
Other ‘good’ aligned characters can use the sword with the other benefits.
Treat a roll of 96 - 00 the same as a roll of 01 - 25.

Neutral character can wield the sword but will not receive any magical benefits from its use. The sword will also only perform as a normal Scimitar.

Neutral evil characters can use the sword at a - 2 penalty and have a 1 in 3 chance of the sword casting fumble as the spell at 4th level on them.

Lawful evil characters will suffer 1d4 damage when attempting to wield the sword and possession of it for longer than 3 days will cause a loss of strength and constitution points at a rate of 1 per day while still possessing the sword.
Once the sword is discarded or sold, the points will return to the character at a rate of 1 per 2 days.

Chaotic Evil characters will suffer 2d12 just for touching the sword and will also be affected with 3 random diseases. If they are seen be a cleric or healer, he or she will be able to detect only once disease at a time. Also cure decease will only work on one to the 3 diseases. The character will have to undergo three separate cures to ride him/herself of the diseases for good. Also the chaotic evil character will be struck with blindness and deafness that will last 10 days (-1 day per level of the character to a minimum of 1 day).

Physical description: The sword appears as a normal scimitar with a red leather wrapped handle and unadorned scabbard.

Cost: 2250 gp; Weight: 5 lb.

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