By: Arjan Wardekker
Type: Wearable
Game: Any, Dungeons & Dragons (D&D)

A wristglass is an ingeniously crafted device (probably of Gnomish design) that keeps track of time. In essence, it is a small hourglass attached to a leather strap, that can be worn around the wrist. The device comes in two versions: a standard and an improved, more accurate version. Both keep track of up to 24 hours, and are about 10 cm in diameter.
A standard wristglass consists of three glass chambers: two chambers filled with sand, on either side of a central chamber that is filled over time. Markings on the central chamber allow the wearer to read the time. In order to limit the effect of arm position and movement on the flow of sand, the device has various valves, can rotate along the central chamber, and the sand filled chambers are tilted from the plane of rotation. The improved version has six sand-filled chambers arranged all around an empty one, in a protective metal box. A small weighing mechanism measures the amount of sand in the central chamber, and the time can be read from a pointer on top of the device.

The accuracy of a wristglass depends on the time passed since it was set, as indicated in the table below:

Time elapsed:Standard:Improved:
0-1 hours10 minutes5 minutes
2-3 hours15 minutes10 minutes
4-8 hours30 minutes15 minutes
8-24 hours1 hour15 minutes

Cost: 1000 gp (standard) or 2000 gp (improved); Weight: 1 lb. (standard) or 2 lb. (improved).

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