By: Arjan Wardekker
Type: Aberration
Difficulty: 650 XP
Game: Advanced Dungeons & Dragons (AD&D)

climate/terrain: Any
frequency: Very rare
organization: Usually solitaire
activity cycle: Any
diet: Omnivorous
intelligence: High (16-20)
treasure: Nil
alignment: Neutral
no. appearing: 1 or 1-4
armor class: -3
movement: 2
hit dice: 5
THAC0: 13
no. of attacks: 1
damage/attack: 2-8 (crush)
special attacks: Nil
special defenses: looks like normal stone, spray blood
magic resistance: 40%
size: S
morale: Fearless (20)
XP value: 650

Bloodstones are strange magical creatures. They look just like normal stones and can therefore go unnoticed in almost any environment. The only way to tell wether or not a stone is in fact a Bloodstone, is when it moves or when it gets hit by a sharp object.
A bloodstone is capable of movement, in short jumps it can slowly move. It is not very common for them to move fast or make several jumps in a short period of time. Bloodstones are immortal, so why bother to get somewhere quickly?

Something very strange happens when a Bloodstone gets hit by a sharp object. This tell-tale sign is the basis for their name. If the stone is poked with a sword for example, it will bleed and it will bleed a *lot*.
The attacker will notice that the outside of the stone isn't as hard as a normal rock. In fact, it is quite soft. The soft outside is caused by a supply of blood that effectively acts as a cushion and a defensive measure. It protects the hard, but vital inside of the bloodstone very well, both against normal attacks and magic, granting an AC of -3 and 40% magic resistance.

A bloodstone only attacks creatures when hunting or when it is attacked itself. When it is hunting, it will silently and unnoticed lay about somewhere untill a suitable prey (usually a rabbit or something like that) passes by. When the prey gets within a few meters distance, the Bloodstone will jump up and land right on top of the prey, usually on the head or neck. When it does so, it crushes the prey for 2d4 hitpoints of damage. That is usually enough to kill it's prey and after killing it, the prey will be swallowed whole. This will cause a large mouth, full of sharp teeth, to become visible, eat the dead prey and disappear again. The Bloodstone is unable to use his teeth as a weapon.
When the stone is ever attacked, it will try to disappear. It usually does this by jumping behind trees, into rabbit holes or other hiding places and lay still, pretending to be a stone.
Might the Bloodstone get hit, that is when an attack roll is high enough to hit AC 8 (this doesn't mean that the Bloodstone receives any damage; it's AC is -3; when AC 8 is hit, the outside of the stone (it's armor) will be hit), it will spray a fountain of blood into the attackers eyes. This requires a successfull attack roll by the Bloodstone, but is a bonus attack (it can still perform other actions in the same round). The blood will blind the attacker for 1-2 rounds.

If a Bloodstone is nearly killed, it will try to planeshift to Elemental Plane of Earth. This shift takes two rounds to complete. It can planeshift to the Elemental Plane of Earth at any other time as well, but it can only do this once a day.
The extremely rare combination of 4 or more Bloodstones in a special formation can summon a Earth Elemental twice a week.

A Bloodstone can be encountered in any terrain. Although they originate from the Elemental Plane of Earth, they are distantly related to the Fey, so woodlands are their most common habitat. They do not suffer any hindraces from severe weather conditions or other climate-related conditions, including being completely sumerged in water or locked up in vacuum chambers. Bloodstones can hold their breath for long periods of time (several hundreds of years).

There is not much known about the Bloodstone's familial relationships and mating habbits. They usually live solitaire for long periods of time. This doesn't mean that it lives solitaire in it's own point of view, because the Bloodstone is immortal anyway. It has a different perspective of time.
In very rare events are Bloodstones encountered in larger groups and they have never been encountered in groups larger than 4. These rare groups of up to 4 Bloodstones are believed to be families, but can just as well be some Bloodstones that are passing by (they have no need to move along very quickly).

Bloodstones speak many languages and some of them are said to be able to cast some spells. It is very common for them to be able to speak at least Common, Dragon and all Elven, Sylvan and Fey related languages. Aditionally, the Bloodstone can communicate with normal stones, rocks, etc. like the Stone Tell spell once a day.

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