Drem Warped (Template)
By: Matt Rosengren
Type: Template, Planar Being (evil)
Difficulty: CR +0 to +4
Game: Dungeons & Dragons (D&D)

Drem Warped (Template) The Drem Warped fall into four types (with sub-types). The most common type, The Twisted, were once humanoids, monstrous humanoids, animals, and beasts. The more rare Warped were once magical beasts, shape-changers, and aberrations. Even rarer are the Tyyranocs, once dragons and large reptiles. The rarest and most powerful are the Drem Touched.

Type: changes to Outsider.

Alignment changes to any Evil.

The Twisted (CR +1)
Abilities: The twisted gain +4 Str, +2 Dex, +4 Con, -8 Int, -4 Wis, -8 Cha.
They cannot speak or cast spells. They retain any spell-like abilities. They cannot use items more complex than weapons. All Twisted gain claw attacks, which deal 1d4 damage per size above Fine (e.g. Medium size = 4d4 damage).
The Hunger sub-race gains a constant state of rage (as the Rage spell). They lose any spell-like abilities as well. If the base creature had neither spells nor spell-like abilities, increase the CR modifier to +2. In addition to the claw attack, Hungers gain a bite attack that deals 1d6 damage.

The Warped (CR +1)
Abilities: The warped gain +2 Str, +8 Dex, +2 Con, -6 Int, -2 Wis, -4 Cha.
Warped retain all spell-like abilities and can cast spells below 4th level, if the base creature could cast them. They can use magic items with caster levels of 7th or less (lvl 4 wiz/clr spells). Warped take 50% more damage from all sources.
One sub-race, the Scroi, are shape-shifter Warped and can still change shape. They have complete mastery of their forms. However, they take 1d6 temporary Wis damage when they change shape.

The Tyyranocs
The Tyyranocs are huge, powerful, and deadly. They consist of two sub-races, Tyyranocs and Dreyygonocs. They receive powers as if they had another template. The powers are however granted by the Drem template.
The Tyyranocs are awakened (CR +1) Tyrannosaurs with a Fiendish (CR +2), Half-fiend (CR +3), Vampire (CR +2*), or Lich (CR +2*) template. Many have class levels as well.
The Dreyygonocs are Chromatic Dragons with a Fiendish (CR +0 to +2), Half-fiend (CR +1 to +3), Vampire (CR +2*), or Dracolich (CR +3*) template.
*Note that, in this case, the Vampire, Lich and Dracolich templates do not change the creature's type to Undead. Instead, the type changes to Outsider. The CR modifier remains the same; for these base creatures, retaining Constitution compensates not receiving undead immunities. For more powerful creatures, one could consider granting the undead immunities as well, for an extra +1 CR.

The Drem Touched
The Drem Touched are powerful, unique beings. There are four in existence. Their names are:
The Blood King (Drem Touched Half-fiend Human Vampire, Fighter 20, Assassin 10, Blackguard 10. Goals: army of vampires taking over).
The Bound Lord (Drem Touched Half-fiend Human Necrobound, Necromancer 30, Cleric 10. Goals: mostly unknown).
The Rotting Druid/The strange druid (Drem Touched Half-fiend Human Lich, Druid 30, Master of decay 10. Goals: corruption of the natural world, and chaos).
The Dread One (Drem Touched Half-fiend Human, Ranger 40, Assassin 10, Rogue 10. Goals: unknown).

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