Custom Rules:
Alchemical Emulation of Magical Potions
By: Jan-Willem van den Broek and Arjan Wardekker
Game: Dungeons & Dragons (D&D)

The Alchemy skill, as presented in Dungeons & Dragons Third Edition, allows for the creation of a few hideously expensive alchemical items and very high DCs. As the use of these items is somewhat limited and the creation both expensive and difficult, and the options for creation limited, the Alchemy skill could be consided not worthwhile. In order to make it more interesting, Dungeon Masters could allow alchemist to emulate magical potions as well. This custom rule presents a system to do just that.

Alchemy: Emulate magical potion:

DC: 25 + caster level of potion

Cost: 3/4 of base gp price in ingredients; no xp cost.

Requirements: must meet all requirements of potion, except for Brew Potion feat and spells. Caster level and spellcaster level for this purpose is Alchemy ranks -3.

Bonus: if character has Brew Potion feat, +5 to check and if check succeeds by 5 or more, potion becomes "masterwork" (+1 caster level, without affecting cost).

Creation time: creating a potion requires 8 hours (1 day) of alchemical work. If the alchemist performs any other strenuous activities, such as travelling or adventuring, a maximum of 4 hours of alchemical work can generally be done in addition to these other activities.
A skilled alchemist can shorten this time, but this increases the DC to create the potion. The DC increases with 5 points for every hour of reduction of creation time, up to a total of +40 for 8 hours of reduction. While this would result in a creation time of 0 hours, creating a potion always takes a minimum time of a full-round action.
If a character wishes to attempt to create a potion quicker in this way, then he must announce this before making his check.

Failure: If the check to create the potion does not meet the DC, then the character fails to make the potion. If he fails by less than 5 points, then he manages to safe half of his ingredients. Otherwise they are all lost.

Result: Create any potion that can normally be created via the Brew Potion feat. The resulting potion is indistinguishable in all ways from the normal variety, including radiating magic due to the use of magical ingredients.

This material is distributed under the Open Game License Version 1.0a (view a copy of the license). This custom rule, starting with and below "Alchemy: Emulate magical potion", is designated as Open Game Content, in accordance with Section 1(d) of the Open Game License, Version 1.0a.

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