Custom Rules:
By: Arjan Wardekker
Game: Any / Dungeons & Dragons (D&D)

This is a simple system to keep track of a characters reputation, whether good or bad, and assign bonusses or penalties according to the score. Although the system has originally been designed for D&D 3rd edition, it can be used just as well for with other system (although you would probably need to change the bonus assignment to diplomacy related skills). The basic score is affected by heroism and good deeds, or the exact opposite, building a character a reputation. I've also put down an optional addition that expands the system with a modifier for law/chaos as well.

Base score = 0
For good or heroic acts, the GM can assign a +1 (or more) to this score. For evil or cowardly acts, the GM can assign a -1 (or more) to this score.
Characters with good reputations have a positive reputation score, characters with a bad reputation have a negative reputation score.

Focus area(s): the reputation is focussed in one or more areas. These are places of large quests or a base of operation. It are the most important places where the character has earned his reputation. In any case, in these focus areas there must be a population that knows the character. Reputation score is the same in all focus areas.
Example: if one might complete a noble quest in the middle of nowhere, a random city never gets to know it or at least wont associate the character with it. In his home city however, the tales go about quickly.

Distance: the farther away from a characters focus area, the least likely it is that people know him, for good or bad.
In a radius of 200 miles, the reputation score is full. For every 200 miles, his/her score drops (or goes up, if score is negative) by 1, to a minimum (or maximum, if score is negative) of 0.
So at 250 miles, his score drops by 1, for 401 miles, it drops by 2.

- For every 5 points of reputation score, a character gets a +1 reputation modifier to Leadership Score and Diplomacy checks (or similar abilities and skills in game systems other than D&D). If the character has a negative score, it becomes a penalty instead. The DM may assign the bonus to other checks to influence people (in certain situations) if he deems this fit.
- The character can sell loot at (50 + reputation score)% of the original price (instead of the usual 50%).
- A (random) NPC has a certain chance to know / have heard of the character, depending on the distance. More of that later.
- In certain situation, the reputation score may be reversed (negative becomes positive and other way around). This can happen when for example the characters good reputation comes from doing great deeds for the king. A rebel group might consider him an enemy because of that. Whether or not this happens, is up to the GM.

Optional addition to the Reputation Score system:

The Good Citizen Score (law/chaos modifier):
Base score = 0
A bonus or penalty to the score can be given when chars commit specificly lawful or chaotic acts. The DM determines if and when an act is specificly lawful or chaotic enough to get a bonus.

What it does:
The good citizen score can be applied to the reputation score when dealing with people that are really lawful (burocrats, paladins) or really chaotic (pixies, madmen, (tinker) gnomes). This only modifies the score in respect to the potential Diplomacy score (and/or other influence rolls the GM has allowed the reputation score's modifier to) and NOT the Leadership modifier.

Gerrit is a Tinker Gnome and is therefore incredibly chaotic. His behaviour has led to a Good Citizen Score of -4. He is a very nice guy though and has saved many an innocent maiden from certain death. These actions have given him a Reputation Score of +6 and due to this a bonus of +1 to Leadership and a base bonus of +1 to Diplomacy (in his Focus Areas).
Situation 1: Gerrit is negotiating with another Tinker Gnome (= specificly chaotic). Gerrit's Modified Reputation Score = +6 MINUS -4 = 6 + 4 = 10. This gives him a +2 to the Diplomacy check, instead of +1.
Situation 2: Gerrit is negotiating with a burocrat (= specificly lawful). Gerrit's Modified Reputation Score = +6 PLUS -4 = 6 - 4 = 2. Now, Gerrit doesn't get any bonus to his Diplomacy check.

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