Divine Wrath
By: Arjan Wardekker
Type: Evocation
Class & Level: Cleric 9
Game: Dungeons & Dragons (D&D)

Caster/Level: Clr 9
School: Evocation

Components: V,S,M,XP
Casting Time: see text
Range: see text
Area of Effect: hemisphere 250 yards/level radius
Duration: 1 hour/2 levels
Saving Throw: Reflex half
Spell Resistance: Yes

This powerful spell unleashes the wrath of a deity, or the power the caster prays to for spells, on a locale (e.g. a particular city). Deities only grant this spell if they deem the locale or its residents to deserve the wrath. Similarly to a Miracle spell, the priest does not so much cast the spell as request it. The following events occur, after casting this spell:

Time (minutes): Effect:
0-10: Sudden strange weather phenomena occur in the area of effect, e.g. thunder and lightning in a cloudless sky, hail in summer, sweltering temperatures in winter, etc.
10-20: A spiralling mass of intensely black clouds gathers over the area.
20-30: The black clouds ignite and fiery embers start to rain from them. Unsheltered creatures in the area have a 33% (1-2 on a d6) chance of being hit, dealing 1 fire damage.
30-40: The clouds unleash a rain of fire. Unsheltered creatures in the area have a 33% (1-2 on a d6) chance of being hit, dealing 1d3 fire damage.
40-60: The inferno intensifies, dealing 1d3 fire damage to any creature in the area.
Remaining time: Most of the wrath has been unleashed. Fire continues to rain for the remaining duration of the spell, dealing 1 fire damage to creatures in the area. More damage may be dealt by any fires that started due to the spell.

Casting this spell is a difficult process. The priest first needs to spend one night in prayer, during which he learns his/her deity's will in granting the spell, declaring doom on the locale and casting the spell. The priest can memorize spells as normal, although memorizing this spell takes up all available level 9 spell slots, including the domain spell. The following day, the priest must sacrifice half of the material components. Afterwards, he/she must go to the locale and openly declare doom upon it by the will of the deity. The spot where this is first declared will be the center of its effect. Different deities hold different views on the required/allowed overtness of the declaration, actions such as short rituals, revealing of holy symbols, and wearing of disguises by the caster. Returning to a spot within clear viewing distance of the locale, at a maximum of 1 mile from the edge of the area of effect, the remaining material components are sacrificed and the spell is cast. Some deities require the caster to wait a while before casting, allowing followers to escape or waiting for possible repentance.

Material Components: incense and/or other sacrifices worth at least 4,000 gp.
XP Cost: casting this spell costs 1,000 xp due to the intense divine energies involved.

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