Gnome Tinkerer

This building is filled with strange contraptions, moving gears, flashing lights and large amounts of handles of unclear purpose. Gnomes are tinkering with everything close at hand, and occasionally run away when something explodes. Your attention is drawn by a large, light emitting device that projects sceneries of battles and adventures.

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Game Levels & Mods:
Game:# Items:Views:
Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind946441
Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion411365
Warcraft 2825176

Game:# Items:Views:
Baldur's Gate93371
Betrayal at Krondor12929
Betrayal in Antara53059
Warcraft 1106913
Warcraft 2235169
Warcraft 3215761

Tips & Walkthroughs:
Save Banshees and Possess More UnitsTipWarcraft 32804
Secret LevelWalkthroughWarcraft 33478

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