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This page presents plugins (mods) for the computer game Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind. Morrowind mods require the original game to run. Some mods may require expansion packs or other mods to run (noted per mod).
Further details can be found in the readme file that is included with each plugin.

You may use my (Arjan Wardekker, Lord Gildor) mods for your own mod projects, as long as I am given due credit. I would appreciate it if you'd drop me a note though.

Companion mods
House/stronghold mods
Fixes and tweaks

Companion mods:

A Lord's Men
By: Arjan Wardekker (Lord Gildor)
Type: Companion mod
Version: 2.0.2
(Requires: Tribunal expansion)
DOWNLOAD (27.3 kb)

A Lord's Men Mercenaries supplies Vvardenfell's lords and ladies with any kind of personnel that might come in useful to those with power and wealth. There are 35 different types of units that can be hired at various prices, ranging from guards to maids, butlers, trainers, miners and dancers.

The main intention of this mod is to add to the atmosphere of players' houses and strongholds. They can be taken along on adventures as well. Especially the guards, elite guards, and heroes are quite capable of taking care of themselves.

Units can also be ordered to follow one of the heroes, in order to make it a bit easier to move about with larger groups of units. In stead of having to order each seperate unit to follow, stand still, etc. you can simply order them to follow a hero and tell him or her what you want to do with the entire group. This option can also be used to set up patrols of guards.

Based on Grumpy's Companion Project version 3.1.

Representative: hire your men (41.5 kb)
Elven Guard, wearing Bosmer Magecraft Armor (40.9 kb)
Hlaalu Guards following one of the heroes on patrol (48.2 kb)

House/stronghold mods:

Rethan Manor Add-on 1: Livingroom & Personnel Bedroom
By: Arjan Wardekker (Lord Gildor)
Type: House/stronghold mod
Version: 1.3
DOWNLOAD (6.90 kb)

Adds a living room to the Rethan Manor ground floor. The living room contains a fireplace, a small table with chairs and two bookshelves, to display whatever you like. It also adds a small bedroom for your personnel (I always wondered where they would sleep; they're not robots afterall), containing two bunkbeds, a small table, and a closet.

Livingroom (26.6 kb)
Personnel Bedroom (19.2 kb)

Rethan Manor Add-on 2: Library
By: Arjan Wardekker (Lord Gildor)
Type: House/stronghold mod
Version: 2.0
DOWNLOAD (26.4 kb)

Adds a large, but cozy library to Rethan Manor. The library includes 30 sets of bookshelves, a number of large tables and desks, a hearth, and you're very own librarian (Giles) who sells and buys books and coffee and other drinks. A guilde guide system connects teh library with bookshops and other libraries (non-secret ones) across Vvardenfell.

Also available:
Tribunal Edition (v.2.0) (27.8 kb) (Requires: Tribunal expansion)
Tribunal Museum Edition (v.2.0) (27.4 kb) (Requires: Tribunal expansion)

Library 1 (25.9 kb)
Library 2 (31.9 kb)
Library 3 (24.4 kb)

Rethan Manor Add-on 3: Rethan Defended
By: Arjan Wardekker (Lord Gildor)
Type: House/stronghold mod
Version: 1.0
DOWNLOAD (10.0 kb)

Adds guards and a barracks to Rethan Manor.
Gols' House (Rethan Manor's tower) is expanded with a small barracks. Weapon racks and additional tables to store guards' weapons and armor are added to building, turning it into a decent guard tower and barracks. Guards are placed around the stronghold. Furthermore, the guards have their own type of armor, which is sold by a merchant in the barracks as well.

Barracks 1 (36.6 kb)
Barracks 2 (26.9 kb)
Guards in front of Rethan Manor (37.9 kb)
Archer on Drelas' House (56.1 kb)
Archer on Gols' House (36.5 kb)
Guards in action (60.1 kb)

Fixes and tweaks:

Pillow Quest Fix
By: Arjan Wardekker (Lord Gildor)
Type: Fixes
Version: 1.0
DOWNLOAD (1.81 kb)

Fixes the broken quest around a Sheogorath shipwreck with pillows intended for Drarayne Thelas.


Vampire Fly Fix
By: Arjan Wardekker (Lord Gildor)
Type: Fixes
Version: 1.0
DOWNLOAD (3.03 kb)

Grants vampire's their Vampire Fly ability, which they should get but apparently accidentally don't.



Dwemer Light Ballista
By: Arjan Wardekker (Lord Gildor)
Type: Weapons
Version: 1.1
(Requires: Tribunal expansion)
DOWNLOAD (4.07 kb)

Adds a Dwemer Light Ballista and ballista bolts for sale at Fara's Hole in the Wall, in Sadrith Mora.
The ballista is a deadly weapon, but expensive, heavy, slow and not very durable. Bolts come in three different versions: normal ones, fearbolts (demoralize humanoid and creature), and skewerbolts (paralyze). The ballista can be used with normal crossbow bolts as well. Besides being a weapon, the Dwemer Light Ballista can be used for stronghold "decoration". The equiped version looks like a normal dwemer crossbow, loaded with dwemer spears if the ballista bolts are used. When placed on the ground, it looks like a small dwemer ballista.

Updates: v.1.1: reduced weigth and damage.

Armed with loaded ballista (57.9 kb)
Ballista fired (49.9 kb)
Ballista on the ground 1 (54.3 kb)
Ballista on the ground 2 (61.1 kb)
Salesman in Fara's Hole in the Wall (65.4 kb)

Published under the End User License Agreement for Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind and its expansions Tribunal and Bloodmoon.

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