Elfstone Campaign Setting:
Geography: City of Khalimson
By: Arjan Wardekker

Map of Khalimson (22.3 kb)

The mining town of Khalimson, island of Dragomon, north Nentis.


Neighborhoods of Khalimson:
A Lake Ushimar
B (unnamed) - Medium to lower class residential area
C Khalimson Centre - Medium to upper class residential area
D Sheiir - Upper class residential area
E (unnamed) - Medium class residential area and crafts district
F Khalimson Cliff
G North Dragomon Jungle
H Northern Dragonspine Mountains

Specific Locations:
1 North Gate
2 Rabbit's Paw Inn
3 Khalimson Town Hall
4 Khalimson General Store
5 Bank of Khalimson
6 Khalimson Market Square
7 The Grand Coven - Druid coven
8 The Great Hall - Barbarian gatherplace
9 The Hunter's Table - Restaurant
10 Huntsmeet - Ranger guild
11 East Gate
12 Khalimson Armor
13 Khalimson Weaponshop
14 Khalimson Keep - Fortress and Warlord society
15 South Gate
16 Lower Mines
17 Upper Mines
18 Khalimson Barracks
19 Main Path
20 Etheal Road - To Ethael Pass
21 Path of the Wolf
22 Path of the Bear
23 Mydor's Path
24 Sheiir Path
25 Redport Road - To Redport
26 Khalimson Cliff Trail

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