Elfstone Campaign Setting:
Geography: City of Nenacar
By: Arjan Wardekker

Map of Nenacar - capital city of Nentis (47.3 kb)

The City of Nenacar, island of Shardon-Rae, north Nentis


Neighborhoods of Nenacar:
A Blue Bay - Lower class residential area
B The (New) Shore - Medium class residential area
C Water Gardens - Park and religious center
D Graveyard - Graveyard for the rich and famous. The common graveyard is located north of the city.
E The (Old) Shore - Upper class residential and commercial area. Nenacar's oldest and historical district.
F High Market - Market area
G The Central Pond - Central square, meeting place and events area
H Nenacar North Docks - Docks for ships with international destinations
I Nenacar South Docks - Docks for ships with national destinations
J The Divine Keep - Fortified island containing the residences of the High Priest and the Elders
K High Temple District - Government district
L Temple District
M Subtown - Upper class residential area. This area is built in a huge crystal dome at the bottom of the bay. It is connected to Nenacar South Docks (area I) and University District (area Y) by crystal tubes.
N Shiintor - Upper class residential area for waterbreathing creatures
O Auriimar's Garden - Coral Marine Park
P Sill Pharrom - Military island
Q Sill Dhsarim - Military island
R Shaerogg - Medium class residential area for waterbreathing creatures
S Hamath - Medium to lower class residential island
T Negoth - Medium to lower class residential island
U The Coral Docks - Military island and national naval base
V The Floats - Medium to upper class residential areas. This area contains floating districts.
W The Poles - Medium to upper class residential areas. This area contains districts built on poles.
X New Poles - Upper class residential area
Y University District
Z The Blue Reef - Reef enclosing the Nenacar Lagune

Specific Locations:
1. East Gate
2. Melor's General Store
3. Burk's Inn - Cheap inn
4. Nenacar State Prison
5. Order of the Horn of Valor National Headquarters - Paladin order
6. Trident Gate
7. The Old Gate
8. Dead Gate
9. North Gate
10. The Northern Keep - Military fort
11. Central Gate and Central Bridge
12. New Poles Gate
13. Blue Pearl Jewelry
14. Nentis University Hall
15. Rector's Tower - Residence of the director of Nentis University
16. Ortus Logistics - Magical transport company
17. Tunnel Airlock - Entrances and exits to the tunnels of Subtown
18. The Coral Trident - Restaurant
19. Shiintor Airlock - Airlock allowing access to the Nenacar Lagune and nearby Shiintor (area N)
20. The Holy Villa - Residence of the High Priest
21. Nenacar City Hall
22. Nenacar Barracks
23. Kheldor's Armory - Luxurious armorshop selling armors of various exotic materials as well as normal armor
24. At The Pond Inn - Luxurious inn
25. The Central Pond
26. Lords of the High Seas National Headquarters - International trade organization
27. Pirate's Beard - Good inn
28. Thedan's Mart - Food and drinks shop
29. Tinker Corps National Headquarters - International trade organization and producer of various alchemical, mechanical and magical products
30. Securit National Headquarters - Private security and mercenary company
31. The Roasted Fish - Tavern
32. The Coral Blade - Large weaponshop
33. Goldfin Clothes - Tailor
34. The Watery - Nice tavern specialized in various kinds of water (although it sells some snacks, food, and other drinks as well)
35. Temple of the Upper Gods - Central temple focussing on all of the Upper Gods (see The Pantheon)
36. Temple Gate and Temple Bridge
37. High Temple of Nenacar - Central Nentis government building
38. High Court of Nen
39. Shaerogg Keep - Military fort
40. Pharrom Keep - Military fort
41. Lhemen's Keep - Military fort
42. The Coral Castle - Military fort
43. Nenacar Road - To Thass'Rhin (see Geography: City of Thass'Rhin)
44. Road of the Seas
45. Road of the Ponds
46. Road of the Creeks
47. Dead Man's Street
48. Cave Road - To the caves in the rocky hills and sea cliffs directly north of Nenacar. These caves are inhabited and are seen as part of Nenacar by most people, although officially that is not the case.
49. Road of the Ocean
50. Road of the Rivers
51. Road of the Lakes

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