Hooks & Plots:
Tomb of the Golden Dragon
By: chris
Difficulty: Level 1+
Game: Any, Dungeons & Dragons (D&D)

A village relies on a relic for safety from the evil in the surrounding forest. Without it, the evil mage Morlock could pillage the town. It is the only thing that stands between the evil mage and the villagers. The magic of the statue came from a renown and powerful mage, quite some time ago, after the wizard defeated Morlock and left him weakened. Morlock disappeared to rest and regain his strength to someday destroy the town. The wizard could not stay to protect the village and had other places to journey. One day the villagers find that the relic, a statue of a golden dragon, is missing. They immediately attempt to find a group of warriors to recover the relic. The PCs start in a tavern and they notice a man in a black hooded robe talking to potentially able-bodied warriors. The man comes over to the table where the PCs sit and offers a handsome reward for finding the relic. If the PCs take the offer, the man will lead them to the village where the relic was lost. The villagers are very excited that someone is willing to retrieve the golden dragon. They suspect that golden dragon was hidden in an abandoned castle.

Public domain.

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