Mysterious Stranger

A mysterious looking man approaches you. "Well met, stranger. Would you happen to know anyone who might be in for a profitable quest? I think I have a few issues that require some adventurers to look into them. If not, perhaps I could interest you for a few tales from far away lands?"

This section of deals with adventuring in roleplaying games and campaign setting material. Below you will find adventures, hooks & plots, and the Elfstone Campaign Setting.

Agmanor's TreasureLevel 1D&D5277
Small Dungeons 1Level 1, 2, 3, and 4D&D3845
Ruin DelveLevel 2+D&D3236
Burglary in DobnellLevel 3D&D3661
Small Dungeons 2Level 5, 6, 7, and 8D&D3361
Yidobbi's DwellingLevel 6D&D3457
The CryptLevel 8D&D4260
The Dragon Maws CultLevel 1-3AD&D4216
The Theft of the Holy HorseLevel 1-3AD&D3663
Bat PlagueLevel 2-4AD&D3501
Rich Man's BasementLevel 3-4AD&D3721
Death Knight's IllusionLevel 3-5AD&D4684

Hooks & Plots:
(Ideas and materials that can be used in adventures or campaigns, but are not complete adventures as such. E.g. encounters, situations that can be worked into quests, intrigues and background stories for campaigns.)
Where Dead Dwarves DwellAnyAny, D&D3873
Tomb of the Golden DragonLevel 1+Any, D&D3486
Dark RisingLevel 2+D&D3159
Hamstar's TrialLevel 19+D&D3383

Elfstone Campaign Setting:
Setting Background:
History of the Seven Realms3329
The Elfstones4447
Religion & Politics:
Religion & Pantheon4539
Divine Metaphysics & Creation3345
World Map & Geography4621
Kingdom of Khemen5102
     - City of Arquen3327
Empire of Tholenfold1386
Theocracy of Nentis 
     - Map of North Nentis (29.8 kb)n/a
     - City of Nenacar3344
     - City of Thass'Rhin3254
     - City of Khalimson2952
     - City of Rachnor3146
Kingdom of Minas Elen 
     - Map of Minas Elen (81.4 kb)n/a

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