Agmanor's Treasure
By: Jan Willem v.d. Brink
Difficulty: Level 1
Game: Dungeons & Dragons (D&D)

This page contains only the Adventure Background and Synopsis. The full adventure can be downloaded as a pdf file (see below).

Adventure Background
A gang of bugbears and hobgoblins lives in a stronghold that has been deserted by it's builders long ago. The gang is led by a particularly fearsome bugbear called Groshnor. A while ago, Grosghnor decided to enlarge the area of the gang's raidings. Groshnor's right-hand man, a bugbear called Somogh, gathered a band of goblins together and settled in an underground lair, not far from an old trade route.
Groshnor, who owns three pieces of a treasuremap, found out that some orcs have the rest of the map. The orcs had recently moved to an outpost in the hills, not far from the lair of Somogh. Groshnor send a message to Somogh, and ordered him to attack the orcs. Somogh, who had already begun robbing the travellers on the old trade route, gathered his goblins and is currently preparing an attack on the orcs. At the same time, his superior, Groshnor, is under attack by a large group of derro's.

In Dobnell, a hamlet situated on the old trade route, the villagers are affraid to use the road. They have heard several stories of robbed travellers, and some of them have been attacked themselves. In short, they desperately need a party of brave adventurers to wipe out the goblins.

Adventure Synopsis
The PCs track down the band of goblins. If they successfully fight them, they find a letter and a map, which belong to the bugbear leader of the goblins. These papers put them on the trail of a treasure. In order to actually find the treasure, the PCs have to attack the orcish outpost, and the bugbear's lair, which is currently besieged by derro's.
Finally, if the PCs succeed, they have a map that guides them to the secret burial place of the wizard Agmanor, where they can find the treasure.

DOWNLOAD: Agmanor's Treasure (PDF, 2.0 mb)

The maps used in this adventure can also be found as JPG files, at Bulak's Maps.

User Comments on this mission:

Comment by: Ryan Johnson
A good wholesome mission that kept my players on the edge of their seats anxiously anticipating the next secret to be revealed. Great use of NPC's and a awesome "never a dull moment" plot. I would definately give this one at least a 8 or 9 out of 10.

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