Burglary in Dobnell
By: Jan Willem v.d. Brink
Difficulty: Level 3
Game: Dungeons & Dragons (D&D)

This page contains only the Introduction, Adventure Background, and Synopsis. The full adventure can be downloaded as a pdf file (see below).

Burglary in Dobnell is an adventure designed for a party of four third level adventurers. It could easily be adapted to a larger party or a party of higher level characters, by adding levels to the human and troglodyte enemies, and by increasing the age category of the dragon. The adventure takes place in a small village called Dobnell, which should fit in any campaign world. For more info on Dobnell, see pages 4 through 6.

Adventure background
A while ago, a young black dragon called Kasmatur settled in the forest southeast of the village Dobnell. Although black dragons usually prefer swamps, Kasmatur thought the forest was a nice place to stay. It held enough food, and nearby was a village with some wealthy people just waiting to be robbed. Especially the mansion of Sir Niglund, the richest person in Dobnell, drew his attention. Kasmatur kept an eye on the mansion, but he didn't want the villagers to know about him, so he didn't try to steal anything.
At that time, a group of six troglodytes strolled through the woods, near Kasmatur. They were led by a sorcerer called Myghnom, who had been defeated in a duel with a rival sorcerer. Myghnom and his closest followers were banned from the troglodyte-tribe and ended up roaming around on their own.
Kasmatur spotted the troglodytes and ambushed them. He ambushed them, and killed one before the trogs even knew what was going on. Then Kasmatur gave the troglodytes a simple choice; they could either serve him, or die. The intimidating behavior of the dragon made the trogs decide to give in on his demand quickly.
Kasmatur took the troglodytes to his lair and ordered them to sneak into Dobnell and rob Sir Niglund. He kept Myghnom in his lair. The sorcerer had exaggerated his magical abilities to both his followers and the dragon, and Kasmatur told the trogs Myghnom could trace them wherever they went. He said that he would use the sorcerer to hunt them down if they ran away.
So the group of four troglodytes warriors sneaked into Dobnell one night, using the river to get close to the village unseen. Following the river's bed, they discovered the entrance tunnel to a cave. The tunnel was constructed in a way that the river didn't flood the cave. The troglodytes explored the cave, and found it uninhabited. They left the cave and went on with their mission. The trogs got out of the river and sneaked towards Sir Niglund's mansion. There, they stumbled across the Gershwon twins. These brothers were recently hired by Sir Niglund to serve as bodyguards for him and his wife, but they were playing a foul game. The two were thieves and they were checking the village for easy targets.
The trogs and the twins all drew their weapons, but none of them wanted to make noise. None of them wanted to be caught roaming around in the middle of the night.
The two groups stared at each other in silence for about one minute, and the smartest of the troglodytes understood the humans weren't supposed to be there either. He started a whispered conversation. This resulted in a decision to cooperate and rob Sir Niglund together. The Gershwon twins would provide an easy entrance for the troglodytes, and the trogs would leave evidence for any investigator to see that the thieves weren't human. They decided to meet again the next night, to discuss the details of the burglary.
The troglodytes returned to the dragon's lair and told Myghnom and Kasmatur about the cave and their unexpected deal with the humans. The next night, the whole gang dove into the river and swam towards Dobnell. Kasmatur, Myghnom, and three of the other troglodytes entered the cave. The dragon decided to make it his lair. The last troglodyte swam further and met Tomba Gershwon under the bridge.
Two days later, Sir Niglund got robbed.

Adventure synopsis
The PCs are asked to investigate the burglary. They easily find the tracks the troglodytes left. Eventually they discover that the Gershwon twins are involved and face them. The PCs find a note from the troglodytes, with the date and place of the next meeting between the twins and the trogs. They ambush the trog that is send to the meeting and squeeze information about their lair out of him. Once in the lair, the PCs fight the troglodytes and the black dragon. They regain Sir Niglund's treasure, which they may keep as reward money.

DOWNLOAD: Burglary in Dobnell (PDF, 596 kb)

User Comments on this mission:

Comment by: Ryan Johnson
A good wholesome mission that kept my players on the edge of their seats anxiously anticipating the next secret to be revealed. Great use of NPC's and a awesome "never a dull moment" plot. I would definately give this one at least a 8 or 9 out of 10.

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