The Dragon Maws Cult
By: Frank Miller
Difficulty: Level 1-3
Game: Advanced Dungeons & Dragons (AD&D)

*Author's Notes*
I made this for 2nd Ed. Forgotten Realms, and the starting point was "The Friendly Arm Inn" You can change anything you wish to fit your own story, it can also be converted to 3rd Ed. fairly easy. I just hate 3rd Ed. but I won't get into that right now ^.^b Anyway have fun with this I know I did.


Mel, Lawful Evil, Male, Human, Fighter, Level 2, hp 14, AC 5
STR 15 DEX 11 CON 13 INT 13 WIS 10 CHA 14
Equipment: Long Sword, Chain Mail
Mel comes off as a nice guy. He is a very young and enthusiastic warrior. He wants to please his commander.

Eric, Lawful Neutral, Male, Human, Priest (Oghma), Level 2, hp 10, AC 5
STR 8 DEX 12 CON 16 INT 11 WIS 14 CHA 13
Equipment: Chain mail, Sling, Staff
Eric is a priest of Oghma, he has been duped into believing that he will gain great knowledge for joining "The Cause".

Jon, Chaotic Good, Male, Human, Fighter, Level 1, hp 10, AC 5
STR 13 DEX 16 CON 12 INT 8 WIS 9 CHA 15
Equipment: Studded leather, Battle Axe, Throwing Axe (4)
Jon is a 16 year old Fighter looking to make a name for himself. He hopes "The Cause" will bring him much adventure.

Mel shows up and saves (player) from a bar fight. He wants to judge the players' abilities so he provokes a confrontation between the group. He is pleased with the results, and he wishes to set up a meeting to talk about his current mission.

Mel tells (player) of a Hobgoblin camp that houses a Bugbear leader. This group has been robbing from caravans for quite some time and Mel has been "hired" to put a stop to them. If the players agree to help, they shall set out that night. If not then they will be attacked on their way home. The Hobgoblins will try to take one or more characters prisoner.
Mel: "We know that the Hobgoblin camp is in the woods to the east. However, it would be foolish to attack them outright. We must take care in planning a strategy and attack when the time is right. With the recent aggressions against both Baldur's Gate and Amn, neither the Flaming Fist nor the Amnish Soldiers have the resources to combat the threats. This has had a great impact on trade and moral in the Sword Coast. Fortunately the Hobgoblins have become very complacent and have nearly become predictable in their attacks."
Mel will continue on explaining that he wants to use (player) as bait for the hobgoblins.
During the attack that evening they will fight 6 Hobgoblins. 2 have long swords and 4 have short swords and short bows.

Mel wants to scout the camp and figure out where the Hobgoblins are planning to hit. The camp is full of animal hides and the stench from a nearby garbage heap is enough to curl any dwarf's stomach. In all there are 36 Hobgoblins remaining, 10 Hobgoblin Elite Guards, 1 Orc Guard, and the Bugbear Leader.

The Hobgoblins have a very simple layout. There are 2 in each tent. The groups head out each night one heading north, east, south, and west. All valuable items are stored in the main tent. Prisoners are kept in the crows cages. Wagons are filled with misc. crates and items. The main tent also houses the Bugbear Leader, his Orcish Body Guard, and the Hobgoblin Elite Guards.
Treasure: 532cp, 320sp, 200gp, 15pp, 25 Gems (gems range in value from 5gp - 25gp) and a Black Dragon Figurine* (50% Acid Resistance).
*Mel takes the Black Dragon Figurine for his leader.

Mel now has the information he needs and it is time to choose a path. The western path has already been taken care of now all that remains are the other three. If the party pushes to attack all 3 in one night the elite guards will be sent out to search for the party in groups of 4 with 2 staying behind. If not then 2 guards will go out with the raids on the following nights.

DAY 5+
The following days are finalizing the destruction of the camp. Mel tells everyone that they will be rewarded once finished.

The Cause

Commander Manson, Lawful Evil, Male, Human, Fighter, Level 9, hp 75, AC 1
STR 17 DEX 15 CON 14 INT 11 WIS 10 CHA 15
Equipment: Long sword +2, Short sword +1, Chain mail +3, Ring of Fire Resistance +50%
Manson is an up and coming leader of the Dragons Maw Cult. He has very specific instructions to keep all information secret from any recruits. He is only to task out "pawns" They are given fairly easy tasks that he is sure they can handle. He knows full well the importance of all these "small" but necessary victories.

Valdamir, Lawful Evil, Male, Human, Mage, Level 7, hp 19, AC 8
STR 9 DEX 13 CON 15 INT 16 WIS 15 CHA 12
Equipment: Staff +2, Ring of protection +2, Robe of fire resistance +50%, Spell Book
Valdamir handles all matters of advice to Manson. He is also in charge of keeping inventory of all magic items that are retrieved.

The Offer

Manson sees a lot of potential in the players. But he needs to put them to the real test. He wants the players to kill Jon. If the players kill Jon, they will be appointed to a new strike group and sent to the south where they will accompany Manson at his new HQ in Athkatla. If they do not agree to this they will be released from duty along with Jon. Later that night, Mel and Eric will attempt to assassinate both Jon and the players. Manson will tell the players that Jon is working for a Rival organization that wishes to see the fall of both Amn and Baldur's Gate. Treason is not to be tolerated and he needs to be disposed of.
Once Mel and Eric show up to try and kill Jon and the players, they will be stopped by a hooded figure. The hooded figure tells the players that they are being deceived by this "Commander Manson" and they should head to Waterdeep. There they will find the answers. He also tells them that they will surely have a bounty on their heads now and if they choose not to move to the city that they will surely be assassinated. There is much truth to these comments. If they decide not to head to the city of splendors they will be hunted. Even if they head out they will be, but the attacks will come more often and become fiercer the longer they stay.

The Road to Athkatla

Traveling to Athkatla will be a rather un-eventful trip. Encounters will only be made once a day and will only happen on a roll 1 on 1d10. Once in Athkatla the players will receive 1000 gp and time to go stock up on better gear.

The Road to Waterdeep

Encounters will be made 5 times a day. Any roll of 10 on 1d10 will result in an assassination attempt from bounty hunters. 1-2 will be a random encounter. 3 rolls will be made during the night. Once the adventures reach Waterdeep they will encounter the hooded figure once again.

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