The Crypt
By: Arjan Wardekker
Difficulty: Level 8
Game: Dungeons & Dragons (D&D)

This page contains only the Adventure Background and Synopsis. The full adventure can be downloaded as a pdf file (see below).

Adventure Background
Some 2000 years ago, a feud between two noble families led to a war that lasted for the better part of four decades. Starting out as an argument over the exact borders of the territories of the families, two medium-sized cities, it quickly escalated when the nobles hired local bands of adventurers to protect themselves and make hit and run attacks on the others' lands. When the local adventurers ran out, secret plots were made with noble families ruling other nearby cities. The plots were discovered and open war erupted within months.
The tomb of the leader of one of the richest adventuring parties, a ten person strong group known as the Granite Mace, in the area now lies hidden beneath a small crypt in the city of Kharamin. The leader, Serrath Ehrethiil, was a human warrior of noble birth and a well loved man. He and his band of adventurers had been hired by the family ruling Kharamin, one of the cities that was caught up in the conflict against its will, to protect the city from its assaulting neighbors. During a particularly bloody battle, Serrath was slain and the nobles of Kharamin decided to give him a well-protected tomb filled with splendors and a funeral worthy of a noble hero.
During the funeral, a group of assassins hired by a rival city attacked and murdered almost all of the mourners and defiled the tomb with the blood of the innocent. Serrath's fiancée, the Elven sorceress Sallia The'erial, was brutally slain while crying over the coffin of her lover. Now a ghost, she haunts the tomb together with many other mourners and assassins alike, unable to move on until she will be buried beside her husband and the sanctity of the tomb will be restored.

Adventure Synopsis
The heroes learn that an ancient tomb lies hidden beneath an inn. They discover the way from a crypt that's located in the establishment, down into the dark halls. The crumbling halls of the dungeon that lies below are filled with undead, traps, and hints that shed a bit of light on the crypt's past. Once the adventurers have worked their way through the dungeons, they come face to face with its primary occupants and are presented a choice: are they to be looters or noble heroes.

DOWNLOAD: The Crypt (PDF, 2.87 mb)

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