Yidobbi's Dwelling
By: Jan Willem v.d. Brink
Difficulty: Level 6
Game: Dungeons & Dragons (D&D)

This page contains only the Adventure Background and Synopsis. The full adventure can be downloaded as a pdf file (see below).

Adventure background
Years ago, the female drow cleric Bruzona had a dream in which she did not live deep underground, but in a dark house somewhere in an extensive forest. In her dream she travelled at night to the cities and roads of humans and elves, together with a band of several other drow and some trolls. They robbed and killed humans and elves. The ambushes and burglaries were done swift, efficient, and never twice at the same place. No-one was capable of tracking Bruzona and her gang down.
The drow dreamt about this several times and she believed it was a message of her deity. She gathered a small group of drow and even managed to convince three trolls to join her. Bruzona and her gang travelled to the surface and moved into an abandoned dwelling of a gnomish inventor. She tried to make her dreams come true and succeeded.
One of her companions was the warrior Finshar, who had some talent for arcane magic. He got tired of this way of life after a couple of years. The drow stole most of the loot Bruzona's gang had gathered and took off. He thought Bruzona would look for him deep under the ground, with fellow drow, since that was where he wanted to be. So he did not go there. He disguised himself as a high elf and bought a Hat of Disguise in town. With this hat he had a good disguise permanently.
Finshar was affraid his real identity would be discovered eventually if he stayed in town, so he moved out. He met the half-elf huntress Isana, who fell in love with him. Finshar pretended to be in love with her too, so he could live in her house, miles away from the nearest village. He buried the loot he had stolen and didn't tell Isana about his wealth. The drow planned to stay with Isana for a month or so, before travelling to a drow city far away.
Bruzona, however, is not as easily fooled as Finshar thought. She went through a lot of trouble to follow his trail. The drow found the wizard that sold Finshar the Hat of Disguise and knew Finshar didn't look like a drow anymore. The wizard told her what Finshar had looked like when he had bought the hat. Since he had not changed that disguise since, Bruzona managed to track him down. When she found Isana's house, at night, Finshar was there, but the half-elf was out hunting. Finshar was no match for Bruzona and her gang, so he surrendered. Bruzona forced him to tell where he had hidden the loot he had stolen from her. They dug it up and began their journey back to Bruzona's hideout.

When Isana came home, she found the house empty. Outside, the huntress discovered a lot of tracks. She recognized some of them as troll footprints. Isana followed the tracks and found the gang of Bruzona when they had just finished digging up the loot Finshar had buried. The half-elf saw Finshar was captured by the group of drow and trolls. Isana followed them all the way back to their hideout, keeping a safe distance.
When the huntress knew where they had taken her partner, it was time to ask for help. She went back to a road she had crossed a day earlier. Isana asked the first traveller she encountered the location of the nearest settlement and went there to ask for help.

Adventure synopsis
Isana approaches the PCs and asks them to help her save her partner. The half-elf shows them where the hideout of the gang is. Encounters with monsters, gnomish inventions, and a combination of the two follow. If they survive these, the PCs find the imprisoned Finshar, who uses a spell to disguise himself as a high elf again. Once freed, Finshar shows his real identity and attacks the PCs.

DOWNLOAD: Yidobbi's Dwelling (PDF, 636 kb)

The maps used in this adventure can also be found as JPG files, at Bulak's Maps.

User Comments on this mission:

Comment by: unknown
Why does Finshar attack the PCs?
Also why would he remove his disguise? It would be more fun to have Finshar use the heroes while his true form is hidden, possibly to get the treasure back from Bruzona.
Dunno just a couple thoughts. Sounds like a good mission though. I probally missed something.

Comment by: Jan Willem v.d. Brink
There are a couple of reasons for Finshar to attacks the PCs:
If it was Isana who send the PCs, which Finshar finds likely, he doesn't want her to send them (or anyone else) after him now he got away from Bruzona. If they don't return, Isana might assume the PCs (and Finshar) were killed by the drow and trolls. Also, if he doesn't kill the PCs, but simply runs away before they bring him to Isana, they might follow him. Another reason is that he still wants to have the treasure.
BTW: Finshar does not remove his disguise. He uses Disguise Self, and since he is a level one sorcerer, the spell lasts only ten minutes. Of course it is very risky for Finshar to attack the PCs, so simply running away before his spell ends is a good option too. And of course if you decide you want to use the disguised Finshar longer than ten minutes, you can just give him a normal (non-magical) disguise, or more sorcerer levels.
Anyway, thanks for the feedback. :)

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