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"Hear ye, hear ye..." begins the local herald, as he announces the latest official news and notifications. A large wooden wall on this central square is covered with leaflets detailing city regulations, honored citizens, and new and old news.

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Website Setting revolves around the town of Dunékàr, a town from the Elfstone Campaign Setting (see the Elfstone section in the Mysterious Stranger). The town has its basis in the first steps into the world of roleplaying for a number of regulars (including the webmaster). While some of the materials presented on are created for (or in the context of) the Elfstone Setting, the website itself is not setting-specific. Most of the materials are general in nature. The connection with the website is mainly to add a bit of atmosphere to these pages.

Dunékàr is a medium town and lies at the river Nydowyn, near the mountains of the Ered Elen. The nearest other settlement is the village of Greenoak, only a day's walk away.
The town was originally a small fishing village of a strange kind of wild men, the Dunékàr. It was only several hundreds of years ago when the first civilized men started to arrive here, sailing up the river from the far away sea. At first the Dunékàr were hostile to the civilized men, because they considered the entire place their own and destroyed large parts of the wood in order to cultivate the land. The village was reduced to ashes in a short conflict and most of the Dunékàr fled to the mountains. Only a few of the bravest of the Dunékàr stayed close by and eventually made peace with the civilized men.
The Dunékàr learned the speech and ways of the civilized men and told them much about their way of living. The men, who now felt much remorse, therefore named the newly founded town after these strange wild men: Dunékàr.

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