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  1. This website falls under the laws of The Netherlands.
  2. This is a privately owned website. All services are provided as is, and may be revoked or changed at any time, without notice to anyone. The webmaster (Arjan Wardekker) reserves all rights to manage, change, add or remove any material or services on this website, as he deems fit. No guarantees can, are or will be given, concerning the continuity of services, presence of material, and/or finishing of projects that are announced or are in progress.
  3. Unless noted otherwise, all rights concerning material on this site are reserved. The copyrights (©) are held by the respective Authors, as specified in the individual content. If no Author is specified, the Author is Arjan Wardekker and the copyrights belong to him.
  4. All trademarks and copyrights are the property of their respective owners. Often trademarks will be mentionned in the context of custom material that is intended to be used with a certain product or game. By no means does this imply any ownership or affiliation with those trademarks.
  5. Much of the Dungeons & Dragons material on this website is published under the Open Game License, Version 1.0a (view a copy of the license). Refer to the individual Licensing statements on what parts are designated as Open Game Content and what parts are designated as Product Identity. Material from the System Reference Document is by its nature designated as Open Game Content.
  6. This website contains links to other websites ("external links"). does not claim any affiliation with these websites, unless specifically noted otherwise. has no control over the content of those websites and is not responsible for anything related to those sites.


  1. Upon submission of material to this website, you declare to follow the rules on this page.
  2. When you submit something to this site, you declare to be the author of the submitted item or to have permission from the author to submit the item.
  3. You declare the submitted information to be correct. This includes, but is not limited to, the claimed Author, Permission to submit the material, and Licensing information. You are solely responsible for this claim. and its webmaster and other contributors cannot be held responsible in any way for falsely made claims.
  4. The claimed Author must be the name of the actual creator. It can be his or her real name or a nickname.
  5. You are solely responsible for what you submit. Upon submission, you declare that and/or his webmaster cannot be held responsible for anything in or related to the submission.
  6. Upon submission, you grant the webmaster (Arjan Wardekker), the right to publish the submitted item on this website. Current website location and/or name might change.
  7. Unless claimed otherwise by the submitter in the "Licensing" field, the author still has and remains in full controll of all copyrights on the submitted item. The webmaster of this site cannot and will not sell, distribute or give away the submitted item in any way without permission of the author. The webmaster does not claim to have any copyrights on them, with the exception of the items that have been created by the webmaster himself.
  8. You may not submit or post anything that is illegal, abusive, insulting, pornographic or harmful in any other way.
  9. The webmaster reserves all rights and may refuse, modify and/or delete the submitted items, should he deem this nescessary, without notice and for any reason.


  1. Information that is designated as private information in this document will not be published or handed to any third parties, unless required by law. This includes, but is not limited to, information provided and/or collected in cases of illegal, abusive, insulting, pornographic and/or harmful activity of the user/submitter, and other legal matters. However, no guarantees can be given concerning the safety of such information for illegal access (e.g. hacking) to databases, website, and/or e-mail accounts. It is advisable not to post or e-mail critical information, such as credit card numbers, passwords, personal identification numbers, etc.
  2. Information supplied through the submission forms, with exception of the Permission statement, will be published in publicly accessible areas of this website. Should you wish to include private information (e.g. for contact purposes) in your submission and don't want this published, it should be clearly and specifically seperated from the rest of the post and clearly and specifically indicated as information that is not to be published.
  3. Information supplied through the contact form or e-mails to the webmaster is considered to be private. This information will not be published as such. Quotes from the material may be published, e.g. for promotional purposes, although no names or contact information will be published with those quotes.
  4. Information posted on the Forums is publicly accessible. This includes information entered in your profile, with the exception of your password.
  5. The passwords on the Forums are encrypted and cannot be retrieved by any means. Do not give your password to anyone else. You are solely responsible for its safekeeping.
  6. When registering to the Forums, you are required to enter your e-mail address. This must be a real address, as an activation code is sent to it before you can login. You can select to hide your e-mail address from other users and general public.
  7. Some parts of the website may collect basic user information, to be used for generating site statistics.
  8. Some parts of the website may use cookies, to be used for user navigation purposes.
  9. Advertisements on this website are served by Google Adsense. Google and its third party providers may place and read cookies on the user's browser, or may use webbeacons, to track information in the course of serving their ads. Users can disable the use of cookies for interest-based advertisement via Google preferences and via (Digital Advertising Alliance's (DAA) Self-Regulatory Program for Online Behavioral Advertising).
  10. The submission and contact forms on this website collect IP addresses for security and anti-abuse purposes.

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