Men with a Mission: Challenge of the goat
By: Wouter van de Zandschulp

"And so, on his way the Knight of the Goat went. Lot's of people looked at him. Like they had never seen a knight ride a goat before! All terrible narrow-minded people who thought something odd about this, he was sure. But he believed his willpower would triumph over this.
That afternoon it was terribly busy at the local marketplace. Knight Patrick, his former kid-next-door, was giving away autographs. As the only real knight from their little town, he was quite famous. All kinds of Knight Patrick merchandise was sold. Frederick saw him. His teeth had about the same shine on them as his armor had. Even his horse seemed to shine a little.
"What is your plan? Shine your enemy 'till he is blinded?" Frederick called out before he knew it.
Everyone looked at him, surprised. None of them thought about saying something to their local hero which was other then extremely nice and gentle.
Patrick smiled at him.
"If it isn't the poor goatboy" he said.
He saw Fredericks poor clothes and goat.
"This sure is... ridiculous..."
He had trouble not laughing aloud. So he decided to just go ahead and do laugh aloud.
"Ha ha ha ha!"
Frederick looked at him, furious that he laughed at his poor appearance.
"I challenge you" he said.
"That would be a much to sad show" Patrick said and turned his horse around again.
"If you don't want my autograph, please GO" Patrick said. "I have to promote some stuff, save some princesses, slay some dragons, you know... busybusybusy..."
"Lend me a lance like you have and I will take you on in a honest fight..."
Patrick sighed and granted his wish. A moment later they were running towards each other. Frederick got thrown right of the goat by the lance. He got up and wanted to take on Patrick again, but saw his goat running home again.
He had failed quite badly. Not a good way to start. Only good ideals do not mean you will win yet. Only courage isn't enough either. He needed more practice to make perfect."

Jonathan stopped writing because he heard an explosion.
"WHAT ARE YOU UP TO NOW, FOMBEL!" he called out.
He sighed an knew his party would drag him into another adventure soon, probably. Something like fleeing the locals because the gnome in the party blew something up. He looked at his writing and smiled. The Knight of the Goat had a long way to go, but would become a legend. And he had to admit, the adventures of the party and little Fombel's enthusiasm helped him create this legend. He would write the rest of his adventures next time being.

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