Men with a Mission: The computer-nerd-stereotype
By: Wouter van de Zandschulp

This entire world is divided in nice and neat incorrect stereotypes, which are correct for just a little bit, but exclude all possible exceptions to the rule.
The typical Dungeons and Dragons player, I believe, is quite similar to the computer-nerd-type. This stereotype is that of a very intelligent male person, who wears glasses and has pimples. He goes to a high level of academic achievement. Later in live, he might grow his hair to be long and sloppy.
The stereotype is quite low on personal hygiene and achieves high only in courses like math or science. He is socially inept, especially when it comes to girls. He mostly interacts with some geeky friends in conversations no-one else will or wants to comprehend. The group laughs at their own inside jokes in a weird matter and will be totally absorbed by the topic of their conversation, which mostly will be about calculating something which does not need to be calculated, just for fun.
They often are highly imaginative and can talk on in abstract levels everyone else would walk past in a big circle.
Then that's where the role-playing comes in. Being mostly about imagination and with loads of rules and statistics, they love to play this together.
When together, they can secretly talk about their desires about girls and how frustrated they are. Since they are all in the same boat, there's a perfect understanding.
One area they will stay clear off is sport. Their eye-hand-coordination won't be much to begin with and they won't see the point of running behind balls or anything.
They much rather would like to spend their time on the computer, reading web comics and looking for links. They might come far in the ICT-business.

That's the stereotype for you. People born with a high intelligence, a sort of clumsiness and not very good eyes. They are devoid of a lot of social business due to their distraction toward the field of thinking and reading. They create more about an own world around them, fed by their imagination and talent for abstract thinking. They will read lots of fantasy books. Which makes this creature extraordinary well capable of creating characters and situations. And which gives this creature a nice outlook of the world, from more of a distance then others. So it makes them capable of inventing solutions and ideas others will not see. Yes, a nice addition to our world indeed, the computer-nerd-D&D-stereotype. And cheap enough. Give him a computer, chips and coffee and it will work on on it's own.

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