Men with a Mission: No justice
By: Wouter van de Zandschulp

Frederick had made a big fool of himself in the village. But he wore socks made of goat-wool and bravely walked on.
"Son, this man wants to talk to you" his father said one day. The local psychiatrist looked at him, holding a briefcase. Frederick walked right to his goat and ignored it all.
"I will let goats take over the world!" he called out.
Without saying another word he got onto his goat, looking for places to make a fresh start.

Our Knight of the Goat hadn't had success anywhere. He had been in many cities, but had heard only harsh words about his goat. Why couldn't anyone see what a nice creature it was.
In one village, the people threw stones at him and ridiculed him badly. His poor goat couldn't handle it and fell down. He couldn't get up. Frederick did all he could, but couldn't keep them from throwing more and more stones, till the goat died. Frederick felt like he was dead himself and the terrible lack of justice hurt him deeply, just as the pain to his animal. After burying his goat, he swore to get more justice in this world.
In the next village they just thought him ridiculous and not anything more. He bought a new goat who he named Nibbles. He got on with his new goat and traveled along. He then came into a village of gnomes. Little people with chaotic tendencies. But not these gnomes. This where organized gnomes, which in a way is even more scary. A bunch of adventurers, like the famous bard Jonathan and the gnome Fombel, where guests in their town and were treated well. Fredericks' ideals had changed because of all the hard reactions he got. He did not expect any respect for his ideas anymore. Goats where treated a lot like the lower class. People say they smell and are not worthy. But if he proved his courage, perhaps people would realize you can be a knight on a goat? Perhaps then the poor can become knights too. Perhaps his father's name would get more honor. The love for goats would get justified. People would see the advantages: you could milk a goat while traveling!
This village was still without heroes. He would give them one.

Next morning he came riding on his goat. He came onto the marketplace and loudly called out: "I am the Knight of the Goat, I fight for justice! I will help and protect you against evil!"
The gnomes were startled and didn't like it at all. They were organized and a knight of a goat was not how they thought an organized world should be. They came out with weapons and got the knight of his goat. They hit him and hit him till he didn't move and they thought he was dead. His goat got away. They didn't see him crawling away later en hiding behind a hill, slowly healing his wounds and wanting revenge on this terrible world.

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