Men with a Mission: The friendly young man
By: Wouter van de Zandschulp

"The friendly young man"

Last time the Knight of the Goat appeared, it was in a village which was visited by a group of adventurers. Much later, in a completely different village, this same group of adventurers had gathered, when the Knight came riding again, wanting to challenge them. Wanting to prove what Knights of the Goat are capable of. And since it was clear he could not show it in a positive sense, it had to be done otherwise. He had seen pain enough. Pain seems to be the thing the other people understand, so he would provide it to them.
"I am the Knight of the Goat, fighter for pain!" he called out.
This new slogan was not received very well. Before he could actually hit anyone, he was tossed of his goat again. Since he was alone. Always alone. And the people who don't think riding on goats is a good idea, are the others. And so they are much more people all together.
Same scenario after this short-lived adventure. They thought he had died and left him.

But here the Knight found his strength. He was tougher than people thought and proud of it. He lived and the hatred in him grew. He had learned a lot the hard way and would show he could come back once again.
But it was no use coming back the same way over and over again... There was no point to it even though he could survive. He had to show the world that he had patience now to think this through a bit further.

Many years later a simple young man entered the town "Goat Droppings". This town had gotten big by means of their excellent goat market. The young boy seemed friendly and sincere, though his eyes looked like he harbored a terrible secret. He worked hard and the people liked him.
He was smart and practical and earned more and more money. Nobody was surprised when he went out to buy a flock of goats one day. This was very usual as goods for trade.
Handu, a local goats-salesman, looked at him with a smile. His beautiful daughter Merel smiled too. Everyone liked to see the friendly young man.
"Hello friend!" he called. "Are you looking for someone to do business with?"
"I like the look of your goats, dear Handu" the young man said friendly and sincere. "I think I could make some money with them."
"You probable could" Handu replied.
The started bargaining about the price. Merel looked from a distance, while her favorite goat, Curlyeye, was chewing on her dress.
"Curlyeye, shall I take you for a walk?" she said with a friendly and soft voice.
She walked past them with her goat on a rope.
The young man looked at her, very interested.
"She is not for sale" Handu said, and they bargained on about the goats.

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