Men with a Mission: Walking the goat
By: Wouter van de Zandschulp

"Walking the goat"

Merel was walking with her goat through the mountains. The young man ran after her.
She turned her beautiful face towards him. He had to give some explanation for him going after her.
"I... err... well..." he said.
"Are you always that articulate?" she asked.
"Well... mumble mumble..." he stuttered.
"It's... good... you walking your goat. Goats need love."
She looked at him.
"Thank you" she just said and walked along. The young man walked after her.
"I used to have a nice goat, I walked with him. I like walking with goats."
"You're the first boy I hear saying this" she replied.
Since this moment she let the young man walk with her.
While the seasons past they got used to walking the goat together. They got more and more close together. In the beginning of spring they kissed for the first time.
During the day the man negotiated. He hired people who he trained to fight. He bought goats on all different locations; strong goats who could walk fast and could give a lot of milk.
The man he hired never talked about their job.

One day the man and Merel walked through the mountains. It was a beautiful night, the temperature and the smell was perfect. During the day it was hot, but at night it was pleasant.
They felt so happy they wished it would never stop. So they walked all night.
At last it got colder. De young man put his arms around her.
"I love you. You know that, don't you?" she said.
He nodded moved and kissed her on the fore-head. "I love you too."
A star came down.
"I wish you would stay with me for ever" she said.
He swallowed.
"Well.. I need to go... I need to do something."
"Do what?"
"Can't tell you... best if I don't..." the young man said.
"Don't do it... stay with me..." she said.
"I can't. I have to go through with it now... can't do anything else."
Wearing his sweater of goat wool, Merel and her goat got back alone that night, very sad.

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