Men with a Mission: Idea of Lord Gildor
By: Wouter van de Zandschulp

"Idea of Lord Gildor"

Late at night, the brave adventurer Wouter sits behind his computer. All day he battled the clan of the Books at work and now he is there, tired.
His Elven friend Lord Gildor announces himself. He blinks online on messenger.
"Dear son, how did you do with the battle against the books today?" the wise old elf asks concerned.
The young and na´ve Wouter, Keeper of the Books at day, computer writer at night, is someone who can land himself in all kind of trouble. Lord Gildor always keeps a close eye on him.
"I am tired. I had my birthday last night. I still need to write a column..." Wouter now complains. He knows he can always talk to an understanding Lord Gildor. The talking may land him on bed even later, but that's how things are. He needs to ventilate. They share some nice stuff, like their love for the Potion of Healing, also known as caffeine.
"I can perhaps write it now, but I don't have an idea."
And there it happened. The all-powerful Lord Gildor made a miracle happen. He used the powers of the internet to give an idea to Wouter over the internet!

Those two people always had loads of support for each other over the internet in their own unique ways. The gave advise, talked about their deepest feelings and about blowing stuff up.

Wouter used the splendid idea, which was multifunctional, to do all kind of good stuff to people. He became a very happy person because the great Lord Gildor did this for him. And he used the idea to write his own little column.

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